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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Them Bones, Them Bones.....

Happy Halloween everyone!! Or should I say, Merry Christmas?

Can you believe this weather?! Just BANANAS! I don't know about the rest of you, but in our area, the damage has been worse from this snowstorm then when Hurricane Irene came barreling through. And with Irene we were at least prepared!

I actually had to bite the bullet and accept that I have pathetic feet. I sold my soul and purchased Ugg-like boots for myself! Joe was embarrassed to be seen with me but he understands. Girlfriend's feet have NO circulation what so ever. I double up on socks, make sure I'm wearing shoes that totally cover my feet, all to no avail. My toes are about to fall off over here people!

I got my Godsmack (that's "bad Karma" for any of you not down with metal lingo circa 1999) for it today though. My "FUggs" are lined with a thin layer of fabric on the bottoms (I don't know why they put that on cheap shoes these days but I've purchased other shoes with fabric soles too) so everytime I set foot on a smooth surface I nearly faceplant/slide into a split/pull something important and flail around like an amateur ice skater, all in the center of very public places. It's not a hot look people. But at least my feet are warm...silver lining?

Anyways, moving on. I haven't posted an unemployment update in the past few posts because it was getting harder to keep track and added a slight air of sadness to my posts I wasn't really a fan of. But hopefully it will all be over soon; I've started training with a new company in town and it looks like they might like me enough to pay me on a regular basis! I'll let you know for sure as to whether or not they give me the green light but things are looking good I think.

I hope all of you are staying safe and warm during Mother Nature's sanity break. Thankfully we got power back last night and are having two of Joe's friends crash with us tonight so they don't have to spend another night huddled around a fireplace twiddling their unwashed thumbs. (Plus Joe's been dying to play video games with his homie) So we're having a sleep over night! Goodluck to the rest of you and I hope wherever you are, you're happy and healthy even if you're a little chilly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who You Gonna Call??

I have been waiting for this day for nearly two months! Ghostbusters is in theaters this month!
Every Thursday in October, you can catch the original film on the big screen!! The moment I heard about this I started checking the Ghostbusters fan page on Facebook (yes, I love the film THAT much) for any and all updates so I can find out just when I'd be able to see my boys on the silver screen.
Check your local listings to find it in a theater near you, but I know for a fact that the AMC theater in Danbury will be playing it every Thursday at 7pm in October.

I have been counting down to today for over a week. Joe and I even used the film as an excuse to turn the afternoon into a nice date night and we'll be grabbing dinner before setting off to see one of the greatest films of all time.

Don't think I'm that big of a fan?
Well, when we were younger, my sister and I spent a full year watching it every single night. My sister even started writing down the lines from the movie while we'd watch. One day, I discovered a vendor in our local mall had a copy of the script and I begged my mom to buy it for my sister so she wouldn't have to worry about missing anything writing it herself.

I have even been known to spot the differences between widescreen and normal viewings of the movie. I have to watch it in widescreen because I get mad and always have to explain to people I'm catching the film with, what's going on off to the side of the screen because it's partially cut off. So annoying! There's just too many amazing little gestures and facial expressions you miss out on-don't deprive yourselves people!

I'm not going to leave you with any clips because I can't seem to find anything good to post. Instead I'll leave you with the music video that Huey Lewis and the News should have done, but they declined, so enjoy a little Ray Parker Jr. and go see Ghostbusters! Seriously people-I like it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's Get Started

I am in LOVE with Anderson Cooper! I've always liked him and thought he had more integrity then any other reporter on television today.

I've been watching his new show, Anderson, since it aired about a month ago and now I am full-on obsessed with him! Everyday watching his show I learn more incredible, amazing things about him that make him more of a "real person" then a "tv personality". He and I have a lot of things in common too.

He loves reality shows to the point where he even Googles the pets featured on shows such as "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and the like.

There is a myriad of foods he's never tried. The man hates coffee and doesn't understand the concept of a waffle. To Anderson, he doesn't feel there is a need for hot beverages and thinks a pancake is good enough, why put nooks and crannies in it? He's never eaten spinach and, even though he's a New Yorker, has never had roasted nuts from a street vendor.

He actually did an entire episode on his show about strange eating habits because his office staff started teasing him about the foods he eats and doesn't eat. In that episode, he discovered the reason he doesn't care too much for food was because he has fewer taste buds then the average person and therefore experiences food completely differently then most people. He even admitted he doesn't care for food or see the need for it. He said he only eats because he knows he's suppose to. He doesn't cook and even gave his audience a glimpse into his fridge at home. The man only had turkey hot dogs and beverages and condiments. He would rather not eat if he physically didn't have to simply because he finds eating to be more of a chore then a pleasurable experience.

I'm positively fascinated by him!

He's very good friends with Kathy Griffin and she and Anderson's mother actually talk on the phone all of the time.

He doesn't like being touched and he said that when he went on vacation to South America, he bathed in this volcanic mud and said the only time he had a problem with it, was when one of the workers that brought him to the mud pool, kept massaging the mud on his back. At one point he looked at the camera and said "I really wish this guy would stop touching me" 

He had made some not-so-nice comments about Snooki and when he realized his quotes came off a little less then kind he called her up and invited her on his show. Well our Jersey girl got Anderson to go tanning! Check out this pale, pale man's tan line!

Paula Abdul was on his show this week and he revealed he loves it when she says things that make absolutely no sense. So at one point she looked at him and said something along the lines of "Anderson, you are a tidal wave crashing over a candy covered mountain...." You would have thought this man just met Santa Claus! He had a look of sheer delight and joy on his face and then when she was done with this strange-ass sound bite, he fell of his chair as if he was overcome with the holy spirit! 

I just can't get enough! Anderson Cooper is my Oprah! I really hope I can get tickets to his show, I would love to actually see him in person :)

Check out his show if you can, it's fun and informative. Check out his news reports too-he's just great!

A grown man with social integrity AND an adorable giggle? I LOVE it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There Outta Be a Law....

Against making things like this:

How mean does a person have to be to purchase this? Just evil!

Now I would think anyone in this neck of the woods would know right away that the Tarantula coming at them is a fake as they aren't native in this part of the country but still, you'd pee just a little before figuring it out wouldn't you?

I never used to have a problem with spiders. Used to be I come across one and either leave it alone or introduce it to the bottom of my shoe. Now I see one and I jump and get enraged that the eight legged bugger dared enter my sanctum. Then I introduce it to my boot. Yes, I've been known to take off my shoe in the middle of a room, one foot exposed to the elements, just so I could crush an eight legged invader. I'm that serious about keeping my place spider-free. The problem with spiders though, is you're never free of them. They like to hide and only show their faces (or million eyes/fangs-covered heads) when they think no one is around; they find a corner seemingly undisturbed and set up shop. Well no thank you! You wanna live in peace and harmony? Do it outdoors and please let me be! Blah! I just don't like 'em!

Then I see this sucker on LikeCool.com today and I can just imagine the horror a person could unleash on unsuspecting friends and family with that remote-controlled monstrosity. Yuck yuck yuck!

Granted I've been that jerk in the past too. My aunt and uncle used to have this rubber rat in their apartment in Flushing, NY that I used to love to hold up to my sister and squeak at her. The thing really freaked her out and I of course would always be scolded for terrorizing her but darnit, it was such a rush! 

This is what it looked like, red eyes and all. The tail was so long it would wave back and forth as if it really were alive and the rat itself was quite large (or seemed to be when I was 7) so I can see why it freaked my 3 year old sister out. But it's a rite of passage as an older sibling isn't it? We all go through that one moment in which we find sheer delight in making our brothers or sisters run away or hide behind the couch to avoid facing the "creepy" things we'd throw at them. 

My brother did it to me too so don't think I'm a bad kid. Actually, my sister loves Halloween and watches any scary movie you put in front of her now so obviously I didn't cause her any permanent danger. I just hope she doesn't get wind of ole spidey and look for some little sister revenge....