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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Spring...??

Well yes, it is. But regardless, December here we come!

Now, Thanksgiving is my #1 favorite holiday and no manner of holiday advertising will ever change that. I mean, think about it, Thanksgiving is the only holiday that is entirely meant to be about family and friends. There's no expectations, not need to throw money away to try and impress or outdo, it's about sitting around a table and breaking bread, no presents required.

Now I know some of you might be scratching your heads to come up with another holiday that does this but don't bother; I'll prove all of you wrong somehow. I'm good at that I'm told by Joe when we argue.

Easter? Nope, Easter baskets and Easter Egg Hunts-next! Valentine's Day? Are you seriously suggesting Hallmark's favorite holiday (next to Mother's Day) can compare to Thanksgiving?-next! Forth of July? Now, just stop it. I'm sorry, none of the Red, White and Blue holidays are holidays let me just make that clear right here and now. As much as we should reflect upon the significance of each one as a country, the majority of us just appreciate the fact that we get to spend the day at home drinking beers rather then working-it's a bank holiday....

No my dears, Thanksgiving is the best hands down. This year I spent the day, very much like last year, eating, gossiping, teasing my cousins, watching Punkin' Chunkin' (a new tradition with my cousins-my uncle doesn't understand) and then after tea and pie, forcing ourselves to leave before the offer to spend the night gets too tempting. And repeat. It's fabulous and just what a holiday should be- no exchanging of gifts, no pressure to get everyone something they actually enjoy, etc.

Now with that being said-holy crap I'm excited for Christmas! I don't know what has happened to me, I really don't. Over the past few years I've found myself getting more and more excited for the Christmas holiday with every new year. It's not the commercials that start after Labor Day (I actually hate that); it's not the Christmas music stores begin to play the day after Halloween (I hate that too); I just can't put my finger on it.

Sure I used to love sitting in my living room with the lights off, watching the tree sparkle and the ornaments sway back and forth between the strands of tinsel (which people don't use enough of these days if you ask me). But that was it.

I think for a number of years Christmas to me meant snow and cold and ice and slipping and shoveling and wet pant cuffs and red noses. None of these things are fun to me so why would I welcome a holiday featured smack dab in the center of all that snowy crap?

So color me confused or converted.Whatever the case is, I now seem to be on the edge of my seat waiting for the right moment to hang the stockings and set up my fake little tree. I don't go all out and I could care less about the outside of the house, but I'm really looking forward to having a tree to look at for a month or so once again. Something about the calming lights and the cozy glow they cast over the living room. Something about the ornaments that all mean something different and contain a small little memory from trips or Christmases past. I couldn't tell you exactly, but I'm looking forward to it all none the less.

I'm excited for presents too of course but that's never been a big priority for me. Money has always been tight so Christmas was something that I grew up feeling was more of a privilege then a right. No matter what I got I was always surprised and pleased so Christmas never represented some big day in which I could sit around checking off my wishlist.

I love giving presents too but my friends have all but left, scattering themselves across the country (and some, the world) so I don't have to worry about picking out the right little thing for everyone in my life and instead focus on the few gifts that will create the maximum smiles.

So whatever it is, I'm glad for this time of year. And for the so-far mild Christmas season. I'm not going to go crazy though, as you can see I'm posting this after Thanksgiving and I didn't hang my tiny Christmas flag on my door until just yesterday. As Nordstrom's would say, in this house, we celebrate each holiday one at a time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What the French, Toast?

I am truly American. I say this because I am one of those people that loves fast food, always gets a kick out of entertaining commercials and thinks places like Disney World that are entirely made of plastic-are simply magical!

I was fully prepared to go on a rant about how some commercials these days were not only ridiculous, they were also misleading and flat out stupid and was then going to post commercials I liked as a comparison. I wrote a few paragraphs and uploaded a few videos but then I took a step back and reminded myself this blog isn't about what I don't like, it should only be about things that make me happy enough to want to share with my homies (annnndd I couldn't find footage of all of the commercials I was interested in talking about online so there ya go)

So I've decided just to post the commercials I could find that make me smile on a daily basis. Enjoy.

Now, this guy I love so much, I'm giving you two of his spots:

It was pure coincidence that I picked two commercials that had something to do with wild animals but are they not brilliant? I'm also in love with these Mayhem commercials because the actor in them also plays a reoccurring character on 30 Rock, which Joe and I are currently obsessed with. I could post so many more; this commercial campaign is one of the best I've seen in a really long time. When I was looking for these clips I actually stumbled upon some commercials I hadn't seen before so go YouTube them and see what you've been missing!

Now I know I've posted this one already but I just can't help myself, it is too fun:

Gets me everytime.

Okay so I actually lucked out with this one and found the full version of this classically awesome Orbit commercial. This was also one of the last commercials to feature the original Orbit lady. Sigh, so sad. I swear they changed the actress up just because she was a little younger, not fair Orbit!

I don't know what makes me laugh more, the "What the French, Toast?" line or the "Hoboken" remark, just genius!

Now, this commercial campaign has been going on for awhile too but this is the latest from Dos Equis and I have to say, the very first line is what sets this one apart from the rest:

I know none of these commercials are new to any of you, but since I've got a lot of extra tv watching time on my hands these days, these are the commercials I don't mind sitting through each and everyday. 

Now let me take a moment to talk about the shows I can't seem to live without right now. Yes, I had gotten back into Buffy and Angel when things get slow and I've cleaned out the DVR, but these new shows have most recently been added to the broadcast schedule and I find myself counting down the days until the latest episodes air. 

Lucky for me, two of them are daily programs so I don't ever have to wait more then a weekend break to watch. 

Okay now seriously, The new Rosie Show is fantastic! It's on the OWN network and starts at 7pm EST. Check it out if you haven't-I'm absolutely in love. I try to get Joe to watch sometimes too and he chuckles here and there so I'm telling you people, it ain't bad-go watch!

Now I already did an entire post about this show but it's another one I get to watch everyday and is helping me stay sane while going through this job search:

(Cassie, I posted this clip specifically for you) It's just a delight! And the man really is like the second coming of Oprah in that each show is completely different from the others. One day he has a celebrity to interview and the next day he's talking to victims of abuse or tackling his own personal struggles and phobias. All with this light, intelligent dialog that just makes you want to watch and be a part of the conversation.  

Now this one Joe and I watch together and it's one of the first shows MTV has come out with that isn't ridiculously stupid or based on some whiny high-schooler talking about how they have a sudden urge to become prom queen:

Perfect time to jump on the Vampires/Warewolves/Zombies bandwagon MTV (Buffy, I think ya'll should be making with the repeats right about now you know what I'm sayin? Get you a new fan base...make that money-you know what I'm talking about Joss Whedon) It's a really funny show that combines Reno 911 with Shaun of the Dead. 

Speaking of Vampires.... This other one features a lovely lady I've mentioned once or twice:

The teaser doesn't even do it justice. It's not an action/comedy like Buffy but this show has it all. Suspense, double cross, kidnapping, murder, FBI investigations, identity theft; I mean good lord the list goes on. Every week I watch and think 'okay, this is it, her secret will be found out and it's all going to come together' then WHAM! Another insane twist comes out of no where and you're left with your mouth a-gape wondering-seriously?! How much more can this character go through?! It's is crazy people, start watching and you'll understand what I'm talking about. SMG is back baby!

Now this one isn't new by any means but it's new to Joe and I and we are completely addicted. I mean we can't go a day without watching or we feel like we've missed out on something big:

Now I'll admit, Joe and I are the kind of people who aren't into jumping on the band wagon. We like to discover things on our own. So when 30 Rock first aired and got all hyped up, we tried to stay away because we didn't want to watch based on the media attention and our friends becoming facebook fans of the show. Then I discovered one of my friends (Randi, sweet gal who got to watch people walk down the red carpet at the Oscars I mentioned some posts back) was an extra on the forth season of the show so I started to watch. (She's also an extra on One Tree Hill but you will not see me watching that show so I went with 30 Rock to show my support and be super envious) The hype was all true people. 30 Rock is insanely funny and now Joe and I go around quoting the show all the time. Check it out if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed. 

I've also started watching two shows on BBC America. Law & Order UK and 24 Hours in the ER. L&O is exactly what you think it is; it's just better because it's all done with an accent and British slang terminology. I almost stopped watching after the first season though, because they killed off the stud muffin that was Jamie Bamber's character and I was real mad about that. But Joe did a little Googling and found out it was Jamie's choice to leave the show so I've made up with L&O and instead am just grumbly with the studly Mr. Bamber. 

I mean hello-he's handsome, fit and comes with a British accent. You'd be chuffed if suddenly he was taken away from you too. I had no idea he was leaving either so that last episode of the first season was damaging to my calm to say the least. 

Now the show is just like the American version and not at all intended to be funny, but this teaser trailer is wonderful. BBC America had one entirely about the lingo but I can't find that anywhere. This one starts off slow but then gets awesome so if you skipped over it, go back and watch. 

Now 24 Hours in the ER is a reality show that covers what it's really like in an Emergency Room. No Noah Wiley or George Clooney here, sorry. There are cameras positioned throughout King's Cross College Hospital (one of the busiest hospitals in all of England as it is right next to an extremely busy and well known train station, Kings Crossing-That's actually where Harry Potter went to catch the Hogwarts Train-bet you didn't know that egh?) and you see what happens in a full 24 hours. The show also goes a little further and highlights the individual nurses working in the ER and the patients themselves. Each episode is different as you can imagine, and while it's kind of icky as they have to deal with a lot of traumatic injuries, it's very touching as well. The nurses actually give a damn about what's going on and the patients and their families are relate-able as they are real human beings and not paid actors. The trailer alone got me hooked and crying and now I can't stop watching:

It really is a fantastic show. You will laugh and you will cry and you will appreciate your fellow man and the time you have on this Earth. Check it out, you'll be better for it. 

 That's it for now. I just thought I would share a little of what has been keeping me going these past few weeks. Sure I've got Joe and Cash and Norman. But when I need some distraction during the day, in between filling out job applications, house cleaning and candle making, these shows help me break free from "reality" and provide a little entertainment to my daily life. I like it, I hope you do too.