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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth

For me, that's The Bronx Zoo. Once again I find myself amazed that I haven't blogged about this glorious institution of education and wonder yet. I talk about it all the time to the point where people tease me about my love of this place.

If you mean anything to me, you have been or will eventually come to the Zoo with me. It makes me so very happy. The Bronx Zoo is the one place I can remember going to all the time as a kid. The facility has changed dramatically over the years, all in the name of conservation and education. Last year I finally purchased a membership and visited the zoo four times that summer (the membership paid for itself in two visits!).

This is an image of the Elephant enclosure the way it was decades ago when the Zoo first opened. Depressing isn't it? 

This is how the Elephant enclosure looks now. These two ladies are over 40 years old and have lived together in this spot for awhile. There's no iron bars and plenty of space to roam. I took this from the monorail. It's an electric tram that goes through a section of the zoo. The Elephants don't have to worry about being bothered by folks or having any snot-nosed kids throw peanuts at them or what have you. They just get to hang out, play in the pool and do their Elephant thing. Progress, you can't stop it, and the Zoo doesn't plan to. 

I don't even need to Google images for the place, I've got plenty of my own!

Just look how happy we are

If you live in the Northeast, you have no reason for missing a day at the zoo. They're open from 10am to 5pm and I'm telling you right now, it is absolutely impossible to see everything in that period of time-believe me, I've tried!

Here's a map of the Zoo, sucker is huge!

One thing I must warn you about though, is the Peacocks. Sure they're beautiful and majestic but you will soon discover after walking through the gates of the Bronx Zoo, the Peacocks are total jerks. They can jump really high and therefore are constantly escaping from their habitat. They roam around like they own the place and eat everything they can get in their beaks. You will find them literally everywhere throughout the Zoo.

A few years back one actually got out and was found on the second floor balcony of an apartment complex! What a butthead!

Doesn't he look comfy? Yeah, that's not his habitat! He's chilling in a section for the Children's Petting Zoo, go home Peacock!

Like I said, you can learn a lot here. Education is extremely important to the folks in the Bronx. For example: did you know mother Rhino's carry their young for 18 months?! It's true, learned it at the Zoo. I also learned that Zoos "lend" out animals to prevent inbreeding. They want to keep the species going, but they're being smart about it. You won't find Tigers making babies with their babies anymore, no siree, that's just icky. So when the breeding season begins, Zoos will trade their animal residents and track the gene pool using a very important and elaborate charting system. Conservation is about quality, not quantity. 

The result of a love connection-baby Giraffe!

This summer brings something all new and super exciting to the Bronx Zoo-Dinosaurs! Visitors are going to get the chance to dig for fossils, ride on an educational safari through time and meet the authors of some very popular children's books about Dinosaurs. Visit the Zoo's website for details.  

If you don't live in the Northeast, please check out the local Zoo's (and Aquariums!) in your area. You have no idea how hard these facilities work to keep the various species (both endangered and domestic) around for everyone to enjoy. No matter how big or small, all Zoos strive to educate the public about these wonderful creatures. 

I took all of these. Ain't the Zoo grand? :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

It's the Final Countdown

My Birthday is on Friday.

I have been asked constantly by various friends and family, what I would like to receive.

I hate this question. A) I don't enjoy asking people to spend money on me for things. B) I want adult presents, meaning stuff that costs money which makes point A even more of an issue. And finally C) At the end of the day, I rarely ever get what I ask for.

This being my blog, however, and being a blog about things I like, here's everything I can think of that I want off of the top of my head. Get your wallets out and enjoy.

Hotair Balloon Ride:

I've always wanted to do this, is there a weight limit for this though? I know there is for Ziplining and Skydiving, as those are also things I'd love to do one day....

I'd also like a boy to give me flowers.
I realize this one is completely do-able as flowers can be easily stolen from a grumpy neighbors yard but still, it's been a girly wish of mine forever. 

It's trivial, but I've never been given flowers by a guy so it'll be a big deal when that day finally comes. For those of you keeping score at home, those are Gerber Daisies, my favorite flower. Just sayin'.

I also want this fabulous ring from Tiffany & Co. I believe I mentioned it in a previous post:

Size 7 :)

I would also love any number of incredible charms made by the likes of Tiffany & Co, Pandora, and Brighton:

I want to be one of those cool kids that gets to feed a Giraffe. Get to work Bronx Zoo:

I would not be upset if Gwen Stefani surprised me this year, and allowed her husband to have a little snuggle time with yours truly, just a thought:

Gavin, call me! <3

It would be awesome to have a wind turbine in my backyard:

A pair of Toms would be awesome, however, there are sooo many to choose from!!

I'll start with these Avengers pairs though :)

And who doesn't love a puppy?!

Being a sunglasses freak, I would die for a pair of Tiffany shades:

When I own my own home, I think it would be baller to have one of these bad boys:

Unicorns are awesome, you should definitely get me one:

I will also require a Unicorn poop-picker-upper to accompany this gift, thanks :)

Somewhat related, I really want to go on one of those carriage rides that are so popular with tourists in NYC:

Gavin, call me ;)

I feel like that's a long enough list for now. Though, don't get me wrong, I could go on for days but that's just rude don't ya'll think? Anyways, my Birthday comes around once each year so if you can't manage everything this go around, you'll have plenty of chances in the years to come :)

Happy Birthday to me!