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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Distractions be thy name

Joe surprised me with a delicious IPad for my birthday! I'd apologize for not posting in such a long time but I'm too busy having fun!

I just ordered all purple accessories to keep my new toy safe and am learning about all new and wonderful apps to download. It's so nice working in an office full of Apple lovers :)
The other outstanding plus side of having this techno-gem is that I can now use our laptop to watch endless episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while still being able to check facebook, email and play awesome new games! Joe is benefiting from all of this too because using the laptop and IPad all day long frees up our tv so he can continue p'owing noobs on XBox. Everbody wins!
Mind you this all means Joe and I will definitely not be getting a tan this summer but I think I can handle being pasty if it means playing Words with Friends while catching up on those choice episodes of Buffy that I'd missed.

I must say though, watching all of these episodes of BVS makes me really appreciate the positive changes the fashion industry has endured over the years. I'm telling you people-go and watch one, just one episode and re-live the horrid fashion decisions we all made back in the 90s. I mean shirts that were two sizes too big AND made of weird nylon/polyester blended fibers-of the fluffy variety?! Why oh why?! And all the baby backpacks-yuck! It just kills me. I actually remember wanting those! They're like the fanny pack of the 90s. I had a black denim one that had a drawstring enclosure and buckles! What were we thinking!?

The one really fun part of watching all of these shows again is that I get to spot all of the random celebrities I never noticed started their careers making guest spots! They all played super minor rolls but it's fun picking them out throughout each episode. The one I'm currently watching has the guy from Prison Break and house keeper from Two and a Half Men! And that other dude from A Walk to Remember! Just crazy!

Oh no! The Prison Break Guy and the Walk to Remember Guy just turned into fish-men and ate the Two and a Half Men housekeeper! This episode is intense! I'm telling you people-Hulu is a godsend!

Best weekend ever!!!

PS-My mom and I got our first tattoos together last week-check it out:

Fun huh? :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This was released all of five minutes ago. You've heard the song, now experience the visual awesome!

In other news... I've been catching up on my Fabulous Beekman Boys and wouldn't you know it-they made me cry before work this morning! I am so attached to this show it's getting out of hand! You can find clips of the show on Hulu but for full episodes hit up the Planet Green channel.

Joe was awesome and subscribed to HuluPlus through XBox Live and now we get to watch shows via Hulu right from our big screen. It's lovely. I was hunting for the Beekman Boys and while they didn't have the show, they do have the ENTIRE catalog for Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Hallelujah!!

I've been glued to the couch all night and have already gotten through the first half of the season one. God lord how I've missed seeing David Boreanaz strutting his stuff in a tank top and leather pants (Happy Birthday DB btw!) I suggest ya'll hop on Hulu and reintroduce yourselves to the awesomeness that is the Buffster. Don't forget about the season Spike (James Marsters) is introduced!

I mean hello?!?! Robert Pattinson ain't nothin' next to these boys!

Not that I'm on a vampire trip or anything.... But I did just discover the Lost Boys film franchise released two additions after the original! I knew there was talks about creating a sequel-I even bought a copy of the script back in the 90s but apparently the 2nd AND 3rd films were made in 2008 and 2010! What's worse!-I watched them out of order! 

Sigh... Guess I'll just have to track down the missing film and have myself a nice little marathon. The sequels are garbage compared to the original (typical) so I might end up watching the original film again just to round everything out so I walk away feeling good about collection as a whole.

Why oh why are Vampires so damned appealing?? Don't even get me started on True Blood.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Old Are You Now?

It's my 27th birthday today :)

Someone awesome (cough - Joe - cough) got this amazing stamp set for me:

Now if only I had something to "approve"......

I can't help but sing this song all day each year. Is it not the best Birthday song ever?!

They had an actual video of the Beatles doing a live performance of this song but I like the adorable animation in this one so let's go with it :)

Happy Birthday to me!!

Real post coming sometime soon I swear-for now, just enjoy the Beatles never-ending awesomeness!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bleed It Out

My Birthday is coming up. 
This year my mother and I will be getting our first tattoos together. 
I LOVE donating blood-it's the best thing you can do next to voting. 
You cannot donate blood for at least 1 full year after getting a tattoo. 

Unfortunately, given my schedule, I won't be able to donate before getting my tattoo. This is a little heartbreaking for me. I know a year goes by fast, but it's really going to crush me to drive past Blood Drive signs and know I won't be able to pull over and donate.

So I'm reaching out and asking you folks to give me a birthday present. Go donate. There is a great need for donations and it doesn't cost you a thing-they even give you cookies afterward!

Here's the link to the Red Cross website. Simply enter your zipcode and the time line you might be available to donate and they'll give you a list of the upcoming drives in your area.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Call Your Mother...

Have you wished your mom a Happy Mother's Day? I know this post is a day late but I consider Mother's Day to be everyday and ya'll should too!

Here's to you Mom, I love you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Honestly Does

Okay. So I have issues. I cry all the time. Commercials make me cry. Joe thinks it's adorable so that's a plus, but darnit-if I get THIS emotional over a commercial-how do you think I'll manage if I actually watch ANY of these videos?

Nice Job sending a great message while also promoting yourself Chrome-there's a reason you're the only web browsing system I use.... That and the fact that Joe told me you are superior to all others-but still.....

It really does get better btw. I love "the gays" (as Margaret Cho's mother would say), so if there's anyone out there that needs to vent or lean on someone-or knows someone who does-come see me. Not only am I hear to listen, I got yo back-ya heard!