I Like It. You don't? Get Your Own Blog.

I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tis the Season...

...of the pigskin and the beer-filled football parties. The Superbowl will be here before you know it and, as usual, I have no idea what's going on.

I don't actively watch sports. Yes, I watch all of the major games, all of the Championships, but if you came to me today and asked who I thought would be going to the big show, I wouldn't begin to think of an answer. Luckily, Joe pays a little more attention then I do so when I need to know "stats" or "records" or even "which team is playing which this weekend", he's there for me.

We have also discovered I'm a HUGE jinx. I cannot watch a single game live, or my team will lose. I watch every game, even the "unimportant" ones, on a delay (thank goodness for DVR) so that way the outcome is completely fair and I can't be blamed if the team loses. Don't believe it's that bad? Consider this.... Back in 2008, the Patriots went to the Superbowl with an unblemished record. They annihilated everyone on their way to the "big dance" and the only team they had to defeat to get the trophy was the Giants.

I didn't watch a single game the entire season. Joe has a Superbowl party and we watched the entire game on a delay until the last quarter. I don't know why we started watching live but we did, and the Patriots lost. Now Joe's a nice guy and never outwardly blamed me, but I contend it was all about the jinx. That, and Joe's friend Jared, a HUGE Pats fan, wrote the team's record on his car windows AND played against them on one of his video games before the Superbowl. So there's a good chance he jinxed the team too (he believes he had a hand in it so I feel a little better about my affliction) So even though there are a number of teams I like, I try to avoid watching games and certainly not live.

Part of the reason this blog is titled "I Like It" is simply due to the fact that I "Like" just about everything. Also something Joe finds amusing.... See, I don't have a single "favorite" sports team. I like multiple teams and for multiple reasons, also why I like to watch games on a delay-no way of swaying the outcome if two of the teams I like are up against each other. But some people get annoyed at this, they don't understand how I can possibly like multiple teams. Here's the rundown, see if you find anything wrong with this list:

Steelers, Jets, Raiders, Packers, Ravens, Cowboys, Patriots

Yes, I like a NY team AND a MA team. Yes, I like the Steelers AND the Packers. What can I say, I'm a fan who has a hard time picking and choosing. I would have added the Bears but the only reason I like them is because of these classic SNL skits:

Now Football is the sport in which I like the most teams, the other sports are a little more concentrated. Here's Basketball:

Bulls, Celtics, Huskies

I'm ashamed I haven't included the Hartford Hawks, my college team, but I've only been to one of their games and I grew up with the Huskies dynasty. Being a hardcore fan of all things New York, it also pains me not to include the Knicks but they just don't cut the mustard, certainly not like the Celtics, that's for damn sure. 

Baseball on the other hand, is the big point of contention, guess why:

Red Sox, Yankess, Diamondbacks

Yes, I am a proud fan of both the Yankees and the Red Sox. I know it's hard to believe as the two teams are infamous for hating one another, but I grew up in an entirely split household. My relatives live in New York but my mother went to college in Boston so she's always followed both teams. Then I went to college and one of my roommates was from NY, the other from MA. I was surrounded by the feud and got to know both teams equally. Years later, I'm dating a guy who loves the Red Sox but who's family has season tickets to the Yankee games. You figure it out. 

As for the Diamondbacks, what can I say, I'm a sucker for Cinderella stories. 

Now I haven't been paying attention to soccer for very long, but over the past 2 years I've gotten supremely addicted to the sport. My Uncle was an excellent soccer player so I grew up with an understanding of the game. I even joined a pee wee team when I was younger but was so terrible that I ended up on the worst team in the league (so bad, our teams goalie actually kicked the ball into my face during a game)-at least I got one of those "nice job participating" trophies at the end of the season. But then I met Joe, he discovered Fifa for the XBox, and we've been avid fans ever since. Here's my Soccer lineup, ahem, so far:

Barcelona, Timbers, ManU, Chelsea, Galaxy, Argentina

Barcelona is my favorite team and the only one in which I can name nearly all of the players. I think, after reading this blog for sometime, you know why I like the Timbers (insanely brilliant commercials). Manchester United to me, is one of those dynasties you just grow up hearing about, oh yeah and they have Rooney who does shit like this on the regular:

I mean, c'mon-what the hell?!

I love the US team but I didn't include them in the list as their players are constantly changing and as they represent my country, I'd say it's a given that I'm a fan. One of their players that I do absolutely LOVE however, is the awesomest Goalie of all time, Tim Howard (or as I like to call him-TIMMY!) When he's not playing for the US National team, he plays for FC Everton in England. Just look at this man:

Did you see that?!

Okay, yes, he wasn't trying to make the goal, but score he did and that clip will be in the top five of his career clips for the rest of his life! And did you notice how my man wasn't really celebrating? Joe watched an interview he did after the game and they asked him why he didn't seem to be excited about scoring the goal. Well, in classy-as-hell fashion, Timmy said he couldn't celebrate because it was just pure luck that the wind picked the ball up when it did and that, as a goalie, he understands what it's like to miss a save because of some dumb luck and he wasn't going to celebrate a fellow goalie's miss because of some fluke. Hello?! Is Timmy a classy guy or what?! Google some other Tim Howard clips and you'll see his actual goal keeping skills and understand why I'm a fan. 

I'm not even going to bother explaining why I'm a fan of the LA Galaxy. I'm simply going to add a picture of one of the members of their team, see if you understand why I root for them:


And while you're at it, Google Lionel Messi and you'll understand why I'm a fan of Argentina. He also plays for Barcelona, my #1 team, along with this dream boat:

"Hi, I'm David Villa (pronounced Da-Veed), and I'm a smokin' hot soccer player who's all about my fans, charitable causes, and promoting positive sportsmanship"

Villa also plays for Spain but my dear boy broke his leg this season and is going to be off the pitch for four months! Whaaaa! :( Get better soon my Spanish stud-muffin!

So that's the list, happy cheering folks! And remember, if your team loses this year, don't go blaming me-I'll be watching at home, on a delay!