I Like It. You don't? Get Your Own Blog.

I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Don't Call it a Crush

It's love. Pure, absolute, gushy love!

Ya'll know about "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore; at least, you should know about it. Well, I'm obsessed with this silly song and recently Joe sent me a text that read "Go on YouTube and check out "Same Love" by Macklemore, have your tissues ready", the dude gets me, what can I say.

Sure enough, I'm curled up with my iPad a few minutes later and crying my eyes out.

Later on in the week Joe played the rest of the album for me and I just cannot help myself, the man is a God to me now. He's handsome, can rap-and raps about stuff that MATTERS, believes in the same stuff I believe in, and has a sense of humor. How can I not be in love?

Here's "Thrift Shop" for those of you living under a rock:

So fun!

Here's the song Joe told me about that lead me to fall head over heels, "Same Love":

"I might not be the same, but that's not important. No freedom til we're equal, damn right I support it"

I wish more rappers would put this kind of stuff on wax. Yes, there are plenty of important issues that rappers wave the banner for, but those songs usually get overshadowed by the hits about bitches, hoes and rims. I wish songs like "Same Love" could get the same kind of radio play that songs like "Back That Ass Up" gets. Just sayin'.

I like that he collaborates with different people and again, while he raps about important issues, also takes the time to have a little fun. 

Here's a song I found while creepin' Macklemore's YouTube videos. It's not his, but it's funny, smart and obviously supported by my man Ben (that's Macklemore's name ya'll). "Pot Shop":

Now, I'm not saying he's the greatest rapper of all time or anything like that, but he makes me smile. I hope he blows up in a big way so he can get his positive messages out there. I know Lady Gaga is all about equality, but I personally feel like the more support certain issues receive from a diverse group of people, the easier it is to spread that message to every corner of the Earth. 

Check out his album, The Heist, he has some other really nice songs about childhood memories, and also some silly "typical" rap songs like one where he talks about everything being gold or the one about his castle.  

Oh my goodness, how I like him!

And he's my age! Ben, call me!! <3

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No shoes or nothing'

It really is insane how happy this makes me. Just can't stop!

PS-Going to the Die Hard Marathon tomorrow! Five movies!! #BruceWillisAllDay!

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Only Paper....

This past year has brought a lot of stress but also a truck load of awesome. I've traveled, spent more time with friends, spent more time doing stuff I'm interested in and slowly started getting my financials on track.

Part of this new found awesome has been hitting up the movies as often as possible. I'm going to be starting a new blog in which to focus solely on movie reviews and once that baby is up and running I'll post the link here so ya'll can check that out. I currently write movie reviews for the newsletter at work but it only gets published once every four months, as you might recall me mentioning a few posts back. So I thought it might be nice to have little more room to write up these reviews and the blog will make it much easier to post on a more regular, "real time" basis so people might actually be able to look to my reviews before heading out to the box office. I average about two movies per week so you can also look forward to some actual-consistent postings on that blog (cough, sorry this one sucks, cough).

But this past year has also made it possible for me to "dream big" or at least "have more realistic hopes". I can now afford to pay bills, save a little cash and occasionally treat myself to some material goodies. Nothing crazy, a few $20 items here and there, but enough to make me feel a little less like a pauper and more like a princess. While this is completely shallow, I know, I also think it's important to treat yourself every once in awhile because frankly, there's nothing wrong wit looking yourself in the mirror and saying "Hey you, nice job kicking life in the ass, here's a little something to acknowledge how well you're doing".

Back at Christmas time, I posted a picture of a gift I received and mentioned that it was something I had wanted for quite some time. A friend commented and asked why I simply didn't buy it for myself at this point. Here's the deal, I'm poor and live paycheck to paycheck. From 2006, after I graduated college to the present, I was laid off twice and for a number of years could only get part time work. The bills kept coming and I could do nothing to get myself out of the mountain of debt that had amassed. I understand a lot of people don't have the same problems, but I was so annoyed by my friends post. Buy it for myself? I'm sorry, I don't have the luxury of dropping nearly $100 bucks on myself "just because".

But thankfully, my new job has made it a little easier to breathe. So I'm managing my budget, working on getting my life back on track and can now "dream" a little bigger. So, since this blog is called "Lizz Likes It", here's the list of "gifts" I'd like to give myself sometime in the near future. Every year for Christmas people ask me what I want and I always say "Oh don't worry about me" or "Oh you know I like anything" well darnit not true, here people, here's what Lizz actually, seriously wants.

I've joined the "Pandora" band wagon in a major way and found this little beauty for 40 bucks. Yeah, what nerdy girl wouldn't want this one their bracelet?

Tickets to the Newsies on Broadway. It's my favorite musical of all time (not a fan of musicals at all really) and when I heard they were finally turning the movie into a real live production, I seriously cried buckets of fanfilled tears. 

A super kick ass laptop. As I don't know which laptop I'll eventually be getting, I simply typed in "Super Kick Ass Laptop" in Google and came across this sweet baby. All I really require in my personal robot is that it allows me to play Minecraft and can hold all of my pictures (girlfriend has a lot) and can finally get me every song I've ever desired. Ever. 

More Diamond Candles. Yes. I'm still obsessed and they have too many damned scents that I just MUST discover!

Fossil handbags. This Christmas I discovered the amazingness that is Fossil accessories (they make way more then watches people) and for the first time, I find myself drooling over handbags that cost a stupid amount of money. I'm not going to go nuts though, Ebay will still be my go-to for these babies, girlfriend may like to shop but she doesn't like to spend unnecessary amounts of money.

Toms. I don't care that they're "trendy" or "hipster" fashion or whatever. They are super cute and work for an incredible cause. So call me a yuppie, but also make a point to compliment my super cute shoes.

A boat-load of XBox games. Seriously, I'd play and possibly get better if these babies weren't stupidly expensive. I mean I'm seriously interested in playing but just cannot justify the cost!

Here's another item I've wanted for years and am still pining away for. Tiffany & Co.'s Silver Interlocking Ring. It's $200 bucks and there's certainly no way I'm spending that on myself. Also checking EBay every so often for this one.

A new car. Yes, it's a Chrysler 300 and yes, I have been told time and time again from my lovely mechanic Mike, that I must not buy American. But dammit I freakin' love this baby and he comes in 4WD! I wanna be the female Jay-Z of New England!

Big Pimpin' baby!