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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's been a whole week since I blogged about the cat lady I share my morning commutes with. And wouldn't you know it; no cat lady in sight all week. I jinxed my possible road side friendship it seems.
Shame, would have been nice to make a new friend randomly......

What Angry Birds?

I am addicted. 

There's a new game out called Entanglement. If you like puzzle games you can get lost in for hours on end, this baby is definitely for you. 
There are different versions of it for the IPhone, IPad and Google Chrome. It's not available on Android phones but I'm sure there will be something like it out soon in the Droid market. 

Google Chrome Version

Basically, you place these puzzle pieces around the board, trying to connect a squiggly line without hitting the boarders or center piece. The more connections you make, and the number of pieces you can wind the line through in a single move, increases your score. So far I haven't been able to beat 181 but some people out there have gotten a score as high as 500. 
It's a great game and so simple that even yo' momma can figure it out (and probably own you). So check it out if you've go time to kill. I don't recommend playing it if you've got someplace to be (like I did today and now I'm late-oops) because you will mess up your schedule, trust me. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She Hates Me

I just watched this movie for the first time. 

I had wanted to see it since it's release a few years ago but how often do any of us get to see every movie we take an interest in right when it comes out? I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of free time...or cash.

Well it was a wonderful film and made me think a lot about what I'm doing right now.

If you've never seen it or heard what it is about, let me share a little: 
Julia Childs is a famous chef who wrote one of the most popular cook books in the world and hosted her very own cooking show. Julie Powell was a woman who had aspirations of becoming a writer but found herself stuck in a rut. They both liked food. Both had husbands that adored them and stood by them through every endeavor.  Both worked government jobs. 

One day Julie decided to start a blog about cooking. She used Julia Childs infamous book 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' and set a goal for herself. One year to cook every dish in Julia's book. 
The movie takes you through both woman's lives as they set off on their individual life-changing journeys. Julia learned to cook in Paris and, during a never-ending search to find one blasted French cookbook written in English (didn't exist apparently), set off to create one of her very own with a friend she had met while living in France.

The movie takes you back a forth between both stories in such a way that you just hope that somehow, they meet a everything gets wrapped up in a gorgeous bow. That's not exactly how it ended, but it was a wonderful film none the less. 

Actually, I didn't care for the ending if I'm honest. That's the trouble with true stories, they don't always end covered in sparkles while the characters cry tears of joy. They're real. In fact, as the story goes, Julia apparently heard about Julie's blog and made some comment that would leave one to believe she detested the poor girl. And that's pretty much where the movie leaves you. Sure, they have a nice little closing paragraph about what had happened to everyone but they never mention whether or not the two actually met.

Now Julia was 90 years old when Julie had written the blog so who's to say they couldn't have arranged a meeting? I don't know. Call it the optimist in me, but I like seeing movies, based on true events or not, to have a happier ending then this one. I mean yes I'm happy each woman found joy in what they ended up becoming successful for-but dammit-why couldn't they have met?!

Now, I'm no writer and I certainly do not know how to cook. Sure I like to talk and enjoy food, but I don't have the chops to make a career out of either one... I really just liked the story because it was about determination and finding the positive for every negative.

I never worked for the government but I do have a very supportive boyfriend (whom I just hung up on so I could finish this-sorry Joe) and I did start this blog after being inspired by another, quite successful, blogger I follow; and I'm not in a rut finally beginning to pull myself out of a what was shaping up to be a very immense rut, so I guess you could say I saw a little bit of myself in those women on screen. 

I feel like I should say something more about all of this but I really don't know how to continue this posting. I was inspired to write about things I like through reading someone's else's blog about things she liked. The end really. 

I don't know if anyone aside from my 6 followers pays any attention (and who even knows if they do!) to this page. There are so many blogs out there it's quite easy to be overlooked. But write on I must because there is just too many wonderful and inspiring things in this world that go unnoticed. And even if this blog is set for the same fate, at least I can use it as a means of tipping my hat to those fantastical things that I feel deserve a little praise and thanks. 

So, Jen of Epbot.com, thanks. Just for being you. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cat Lady

I'm on a mission to meet a complete stranger. Well technically I know her, but not her name, where she's from or anything about her at all really.
Let me explain...

On my commute to and from work, I've started seeing the same car on the highway almost daily. I only noticed this car because there was an accident one night and I was stuck behind this woman for an hour. I remembered her car because of the three distinct cat bumper stickers on the trunk.  I thought it was kind of funny when I saw the car for the second time and thought "hey cat lady, I remember you"

But I've seen her now both in the morning and again at night, so she and I have a similar work schedule and live in the same area it seems.

I always wondered if she ever noticed my car as well. If she drove past me and thought to herself  "theres that grey Jetta with the pirate antenna ball". And it's that thought that makes me want to wave to her every time I drive by. But that would be weird....Or would it?

Tonight on my way home, she merged right into my lane and as I had plans to make a stop at Target, I figured I'd stay behind her and see how similar our routes really were. Well, she ended up taking the exit I needed and it occurred to me, what if she had to make a stop before heading home too? What if cat lady needed to pick up something at Target just like me?

Well this got me all excited and as I'm following her through town I decided I would try and introduce myself to her should we actually end up in the same place.

I'd say, "Excuse me. Hi I'm Lizz. You don't know me but I take a similar route to work as you and see your car nearly everyday. Our routes are so similar in fact, we even shop at the same stores (point to Target, laugh awkwardly a little). I know this seems strange, but I wanted to at least introduce myself and point out my car, that grey Jetta over there, since we'll be seeing each other a lot. Or, at least, until one of us gets a new car."

Then I would hope at that point she'd put down her mace and tell me her name and maybe we could even tell one another where we worked and swap traffic stories, I don't know. I mean I'm not looking to make a new friend, but wouldn't it be kind of cool for us to see each other and think, oh there goes Lizz and oh there goes ( insert cat lady's name). Or to be stuck in traffic together again a look at each other and shrug and make one of those "I'm late" gestures with our fingers pointing at our wrists.

But it didn't happen like that. I turned into Target and she kept on down the road, I guess she didn't have to stop for anything tonight.

I hope she recognizes my car though. I think that would be kind of cool to have an unspoken connection with someone like that.

Joe's mom has a lot of those. She has a really distinct hair style and is constantly being approached by people going "Do I know you from somewhere?" "It's the hair" she always says, and it's true. Like cat lady's bumper sticker, it only takes seeing the same one thing over and over again to make an impression.

I guess I'll need to go and find a really unique bumper sticker now....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just imagine...

Over ten years ago.... Just think about where we'll be 10 years from now!

You kids just don't know....

Speaking of which, anyone remember owning one of the first computer systems? We had an IBM and ours had the classic green on green coloring and our household blew up when Prodigy came out-that shit was the shit!
I know people wax poetic about Oregon Trail but before that was Where in the World is Carmen San Diego-now THAT was a game!

Comin' In Hot!

I need a vacation. Which is a pretty comical statement when you consider I started my new job all of two weeks ago.

I've just got a ton on my plate these days it seems.
It's all gravy mind you, complete and utter gravy. Things are happening people-I'm makin' moves. But it's a lot and it's all-consuming, so I'm feeling a little fried.
I suppose I should think positively though, if everything pans out I should stand to have some major life changes up ahead and I have been in some serious need for quite sometime. I'm ready-let's do this.

I've got the new (and super amazing) job; I've still got Lia Sophia going on and I'm trying to fill up my calendar with this new catalog we've got running currently (book your shows today ladies!); I'm trying to finish up some custom jewelry orders on my Etsy site; my friend and I have created a new "child rearing" product that we're smack in the middle of designing and marketing; AND amidst all of that-I'm trying to get my house in order.
(FOUR jobs AND I have to clean the house? Touche life, touche.)
But it's all for some distant goal of bettering my future and creating a different life for myself so I'm gonna take it all in stride and slap a smile on my face through it all.
I've got my man encouraging me along the way which is pretty fantastic and my best friend Dave is currently running on all cylinders getting his small business together too so we've been supporting each others endeavors.

I'm still (not for much longer) extremely poor and in desperate need of a new wardrobe (coming soon!) but I'm happy.
My mother's actually been floating on air for the past few months constantly running around the house exclaiming "I love my life! I'm so happy" and now I get it. I think I'm there too. Things are just awesome. I'm tired as hell and seem to never have extra gas money when the damned warning light flicks on, but I'm happy. Because amongst all the stress and chaos, things are getting better and I can see the potential ahead. I'm one patient biotch and have waited a long time getting to this point and I can smile knowing full well that I'm almost at my "happy place"

Yeah I don't know, it's amazing what you come across on YouTube. It really is...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love My Man

Alright so the Packers won-whoo hoo!
But the REAL winner today, was my boyfriend Joe.

It was his birthday on the 26th and with all of the crappy weather we've had, his family wasn't able to get together and have a proper party for him until tonight.
His mother is a Wilton Cake instructor and used to own a bakery in Ridgefield, CT so it goes without saying that every birthday is delicious and spectacular.

This year, however, she and I conspired to make Joe a surprise cake. He was already in for a treat as he requested she try and make him a Neapolitan cookie cake, which she did, because she is crazy awesome; but I had asked her if there was anyway we could put the Bad Robot logo-this guy- on it to really make him pee his pants.
She thought that would be really fun so we were all good to go.

Well, I get to her house to get my decoratin'-on and wouldn't you know it, she forgot we planned to do the Bad Robot guy and had already trimmed the cake and made a bunch of lovely roses for it. Now, I don't know if any of you out there know a Wilton Cake Instructor, but they do NOT waste flowers. So we made room for both and Joe lost his marbles when he saw it-it was a crazy awesome surprise and I'm really happy with how the little guy turned out, take a look:

It's not the best picture (darn camera-phone) but there he is :)

Just a shot of the deliciousness underneath the awesomeness :)

If you don't know what the heck Bad Robot is-watch any tv show or movie produced by J.J. Abrahms and you'll get to see him. Bad Robot is his production company and I get excited at the end of every episode of Fringe when he comes on-just so damn cute!

Packers win-Joe gets what he called "the best cake he's ever had" tonight and I got to eat some crazy delicious (see Buffalo Chicken Dip) food. I. LIKE. IT!

I'm da Boss!

I had a dream last night that I was having a baby and that Buddy the Cake Boss, was my doctor.
At one point in the dream I looked at him and said "you do EVERYTHING!"
End dream.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

God Bless Phil!

I really like this:

So the Groundhog was merciful and predicted an early spring. What's the prediction rate with this guy? Can I really trust that this "snowpocolypse" is almost over? I really do hope so, if not, Phil, you and I are going to have words and then I'mma make you shovel my driveway...

I've been home for the past two days because of this weather. It's nice to work from home while in my pj's with the TV on, but I think I'm coming down with a case of "cabin fever" which, coincidentally is sweeping over folks on Facebook at an alarming pace as well. Seriously Mother Nature, we're working on the whole hybrid cars thing-can you give us a break already?

In other news, a friend and I get into weird conversations... For example, he will one day own his own penguin which is pretty awesome, but for right now, he's just going to settle on getting two of these bad boys:

That's a figure 8 puffer fish. They're cute as hell but apparently pretty temperamental. They don't have spikes like regular puffer fish but do have fangs like barracuda and like to eat shrimp, prawns and snails and need a lot of space to 'stretch' out or they get nasty (like old people fighting over the last handicap space).  They are what are referred to as brackish fish meaning they live in a combination tank (saltwater/freshwater)  and get bored easily with their environment so you have to change stuff around a little bit because they are very curious and explore every inch of their surroundings. Sounds like one awesome fish! Hopefully he gets one soon but the standard tank size for two of these guys is a big ole 25 gal. so we'll see. That's a ton of room for just two fish, no matter how badass they might be. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kiss me you fool!

Happy February! Or as a former co-worker would say-the month of love!

There are a few things I'm "loving" on right now:
My new fridge
My new job
Joe for shoveling and not making me go out to brave that awful, awful snow

Hope you guys love-it-up this month too!