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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Give a Hoot Don't Pollute!

I'm watching the 'Inception' episode of South Park, please forgive the subject line-just couldn't think of anything else....

I'm now obsessed with Football (soccer for you noobs), Words with Friends, The Fabulous Beekman Boys and Tastefully Simple.

Let's go in order shall we?

As mentioned in the last post, Joe and I went to the USA vs. Argentina football match in NJ. Both teams scored a goal a piece and everyone left relatively satisfied. It was a friendly match afterall...
Joe and I were a little disappointed because Messi didn't end up scoring the goal for Argentina but we did get to watch his awesomeness for a full 90 minutes.
He and I have plans to see one of the upcoming games in June. First we planned to see the USA vs. Spain because half of Spain's players play for our favorite team-Barcelona.
However, Barcelona will be playing in the US later on in the month but instead of playing against one of our national teams-they'll be playing opposite the most notorious football team of all time-Manchester United!
Hello, Eurotrip anyone?....

Don't know if we'll be crazy and go to both games but we'll definitely be in attendance at one of them so get excited for that!

Now, I know everyone thinks Angry Birds is the bees knees, but I can't get past level ten on any of those games so I'm not a huge fan. (Hopefully this will change when the birthday fairy brings me a delicious IPad *wink*wink*)
But I DO love me some Scrabble. Words with Friends is wonderful because there's no time limit and you can play whenever you've got a spare moment. It's a nice way to connect with friends on a forum other then Facebook AND it's educational! Now as everyone knows, playing Scrabble, you learn a shit-ton of words you never even knew existed! Not that you really retain any of those words or ever get around to discovering their meanings but still, it's a good time. Check it out-it's available for IPhones and Android phones. Oh and my username is Chykes if you ever want to play against me (I'd take this offer-I'm a terrible speller!)

Now, I think I might have mentioned how much I love the channel PlanetGreen? Well they have this great reality show called The Fabulous Beekman Boys which is basically the real life (and gay) version of Green Acres. This wonderful couple Josh and Brent moved upstate from NYC and purchased this beautiful old farm complete with apple trees and goats! They even have gay farm hands helping them out with their goats and pet Llama they've named Polka Spot-she's a diva but it's cool, so are her owners. I'm so putting half of their online store on my Birthday list! (the b-day fairy is going to need a second job after this!) Check it out if you get the PlanetGreen channel-if not, YouTube some of it-you'll love them!

I recently held a Tastefully Simple Party and for those of you who don't cook or don't yet have the means to sift through Julia Childs infamous collection of delicacies, I highly recommend you pick up some of TS' dips. Now, if you check out the catalog, you'll note they have much more then dip. But I'm a simpleton and for the next month or so, Joe and I will pretty much be living off Beer Bread slathered in a variety of amazing TS dips. I do use their marinades on grilled chicken, but I don't have much time to make that a lot so we'll be ordering mostly dips-they last forever too! Just YUM!!

Oh and while we're on the subject of new obsessions....
I can't stop listening to Katy Perry's song 'ET' featuring my man Kanye and Kesha's "song" 'Blow'.
I'm quite embarrassed about the second one there but it's a fun song and I just cannot help myself. I'll leave you with Katy's so you won't feel suicidal after reading this post-enjoy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Still alive

Okay so I straight up had a wicked chest cold for seven days running. All I did was wake up, shower, go back to bed for 30 minutes, go to work and try not to contaminate my coworkers, then come home and do everything in my power to get back to bed as soon as humanly possible. So my bad for not updating this piece.
Joe, mind you, got my cold three days ago and he's already over it. Yes, I'm hatin' something fierce.

I will post something legit this weekend I promise you. I'll take this brief time to say RIP to my girl Liz Taylor and also to send some happy thoughts to my friends in Japan.

No, I didn't know Liz or anyone from Japan for that matter, but still-it sucks to lose an icon and it certainly sucks to watch an entire country suffer without being able to do much more then text 90999 and send a measly ten bucks to someone who just watched their entire province wash away. Be strong Japan, you'll bounce back and then some!

In other internationally related news... We're going to see our first major league soccer game tomorrow-US vs. Argentina! We're all wearing red in support of the US but I must say, I'm secretly rooting for Argentina as one of our favorite players, Messi, will be with them-and that boy can kick a ball!

See?! Good stuff right? Can't wait! The man is good! 

But alright, I'm pooped-bed time for me. Blog ya later kiddies-have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Original Regulator

As you now know from my last post, I'm big with hip hop and rap and today, the world lost a wonderful artist at only 41 years of age.

Here's to you, Nate Dogg

He was very low key and didn't pop off like Dr. Dre or Diddy, but he's been around since the beginning and worked with a lot of big artists in hip hop and was even in Chris Rock's movie, Head of State, where he rapped or, lyrically narrated throughout the entire movie. 

I mean watch the video. Before R. Kelly was, In the Closet, there was Nate Dogg. That man knew how to tell a story over a good beat.

You will be missed. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

That's My---

I'm white. Like SUPER white. My legs do not tan no matter what I do-girl be whiter then Wonder Bread.

I'm Irish, Italian, Polish, Danish and Scottish. Tell me that's not one white-ass combination of white right there. The only reason I tan at all would have to be due to the little bit of Italian but then again, I think most of that part of my heritage goes to my love of pasta so who knows?

There is apparently some African American ties on my Mother's side of the family but we can't prove that for sure.

Regardless, this white girl loves herself some rap. If I could listen to anything all day and everyday, it would be rap and hip hop. Now I'm not "hardcore" by any means but dammit if I don't have a serious desire to provide Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye, and T.I. with some mix-race children at a moments notice!

My latest obsession is this new Kanye joint featuring Jay-Z, please enjoy.

I would really like to walk down the aisle to this song when I finally get married. Joe understands and thinks this is hilarious but for the sake of our grandparents, should we actually decide to go halves on a forever together, we might just have to keep this one for the after-hours reception mix.

Regardless, it's a good spot right? Can't wait to get stuck in traffic with the bass up tomorrow morning :)

In other news: Still have yet to see cat lady since blogging about her-kinda feel like I jinxed myself, oh well.
I have, however, successfully worn a different pair of earrings everyday so at least that's something :)

Check Us Out!

Page 10 of Radio Ink Magazine

My company was featured in this cool article for an online magazine. Check it out-you might recognize the cute gal in the light blue shirt ;)  (page 10 if you can't find it right away)

Give a Little Bit

Text "Red Cross" to 90999.
$10 will be donated to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts for the people of Japan. It isn't much but it will get added to your cell phone bill which I know is a big help to those who may not have a lot of spare change to go around.
I donated this morning and plan to again after payday.
Every little bit helps.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh, You Fancy Huh?

I have come to the realization that I have a slight obsession with earrings.
I can't stop buying them. The fact that I make my own and get a discount on them through Lia, only amplifies this sickness.

The worst part about the whole thing? I don't even wear them! I have one $5 pair of tiny hoops I bought at Target that I wear all day-everyday. The only time I switch it up and wear one of the dozens of pairs in my collection is when we're going to a wedding or event that requires a little fancy-ing up.
Don't think it's as big of an issue as I do? Consider this...

I just placed my first order in a long, long time with Lia and I bought four pairs of earrings! Scratch that-five! I was so excited to order the new earrings I ended up ordering the same pair twice and now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for my credit to come back so I can get a different pair!

So I've made it my new mission to wear a different pair everyday. No matter what other jewelry I have on that day, I MUST switch up my earrings. Today I'm wearing Twix by Lia Sophia to go with this amazing new Bouquet necklace I got.

Granted, I cared more about getting the necklace, but rather then just sticking with the same old pair of hoops, I added Twix to complete the look without making things look too matchy-matchy (see, the City-Olivia is just awful btw..) 

So now I'm on this mission to stop wasting my money on stuff and start benefiting from all of these great pieces. 

We actually have to "dress nice" this week at the office so I have even more motivation to crack open the jewelry box and show off my lovely gems. 
Hopefully I can keep this up. I know I'll continue to buy earrings, I just need to make sure I'm actually making the purchases worthwhile. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Golden Man

I don't know how many of you watched the Oscars this past Sunday. I did. I quite liked it actually and almost all of the actresses looked fabulous. Even the ones that didn't have the best dresses weren't really that bad either.

My friend Randi lives and works in LA and has been lucky to be able to stand on the sidelines at the Red Carpet for the past two years. This year she was front and center and everytime the Pre-Oscar Red Carpet shows turned there cameras on a newly arrived star, there she was looking fabulous herself and obviously having a wonderful time.

Hi Randi!

Jealous? You should be, I certainly am.

Now, I will say, while everyone looked more or less together, there still were a handfull (less then a handfull) of actresses whose outfits just didn't hit the mark. Co-Host Anne Hathaway had about 6 different dress changes and all of them were stunning. Some weren't my first pics of course but all in all she looked very nice throughout the entire show.

The one person I really made a face over everytime the camera looked her way, was Amy Adams . And I feel bad saying that considering I literally just blogged about a movie she's in. But the whole outfit just looked off.

The dress is nice, again, not my first choice, but the way she decided to put everything together gave us a final product that just didn't work. Had she put her hair up, off of her shoulders, I think the high-neck dress would have been more stunning. And the jewelry? I'm sorry, just no. When you're wearing a dress in such a deep rich blue AND you're covered in sequins, honey, you need to re-think your accessories.
Had she done an up-do with chandelier earrings, I think she would have been just as lovely as Nicole Kidman. Mind you, those need to be the most understated chandelier earrings in the world-not the hot mess picked out by Marissa Tomei.

She was another one that just couldn't complete the look. Her hair was a hot mess and the earrings she picked were just awful. The dress itself wasn't too exciting either. I think if it had been strapless, it would have made much more of an impact.

My feelings about all of this are, when you're spending crazy money on these really expensive, can only be worn once, dresses-they should stand alone. Don't go crazy with the accessories and make sure the rest of you looks as put together and cared for as the dress your holding up.
There's a reason girls spend hundreds of dollars each year on prom..... We're not gonna squeeze ourselves into our dress only to show up without having showered or combed our hair. I'm just sayin'

And Mandy Moore? What is this?

This is the Oscars. Who put you in a dress with a halter-top bustier? Just no. This ain't no MTV awards, a little classier next time if you please. The bottom half of the dress is wonderful-so why ruin it with a Madonna-style top half? Just why? I mean I know she didn't design the thing, but she did think it was a smart move to put it on....

I would say something about Cate Blanchett's outfit but dammit, if it were Lady Gaga in that thing ya'll would have wondered why she was so dressed down, so I'm not gonna hate on Queen Elizabeth. That woman can wear a garbage sack for the rest of her life and people will still beat down her door to read their scripts-chick is that good. So go on with you're odd bubble-big-circle-cut-out-pastel-with-mustard-stains-on-the-collar-looking self. Work it Queenie, work it.

I Love Babies

Quite honestly the best way to start your day-enjoy!