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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lizz and the Family Awesome

 Okay, why is it so easy to spill your guts when you're upset? I mean, I can rant all day long about someone that 'done me wrong yet I find I have the hardest time putting to words how I feel when I have something positive and uplifting to say.

I have had the good fortune of meeting an incredible group of people six years ago that have changed my life dramatically. It sounds silly when you consider this group consists of people that are both at least 10 years younger and 20 years older then myself but you can never predict these kinds of things can you?

Now, I have a sister. I have a mother, aunts, cousins, a grandmother. I'm set for unconditional love and family support. But there's always room for more wouldn't you say? I didn't think I needed any extra love and attention and then I met these people.

I've found true friendship with five beautiful girls who I admire and adore and cannot imagine going a week without seeing or speaking to any of them. We have the relationship I always grew up wishing I had with my own sister. We go on errands, grab meals, go to attractions and movies together, everything I wish I did with my sister. When I talk about them I refer to them as my cousins and they usually refer to me as their sister. I have the same relationship with their mothers and grandmother as well. It's incredible. I've never been close with a group of women before, only ever really talking to my mom regularly, and now I find I have 8 women I can spend time with and confide in no matter what is going on. They're a second family I never knew I needed and now I can't imagine living without any of them.

Ask anyone, my coworkers always ask what I'm doing on my days off and I always talk about who I'm meeting for lunch and where I'll be going with the "Newtown family". I was just out to lunch with one of my "aunts" and I was joking that while some people at work have second jobs because we get so much time off, my second job is meeting them for lunch! Honestly, we can easily spend two to three hours at lunch just chatting and laughing and "counseling" one another. I'm seriously blessed.

This Thanksgiving, my "cousin", Miranda wrote everyone in the family a letter and I've copied her letter here, it really touched my heart and made me cry. Here's a picture of her and I last summer at a family cookout:

Dear Lizz,
         Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are super duper funny, and awesome, and cool, and awesome. You spend a lot of your time with me and you take me to the movies a lot and you take me to the aquariums. I am thankful for everything that you do for me, and everything that you share with me. Though we fight over stupid things and we...well that's just it, we only really fight over really dumb things. Like the zombie apocalypse and movies and other things. I am thankful that I met you and that you are basically my sister, I am thankful that you can take a joke, and that you can love me even though I am a pain in the butt. I don't know what I would do without you, you are one of my best friends and a sister and I love you.

She also included a fabulous stick figure drawing of us in which we're driving my the car, singing our favorite song (I changed the lyrics-it's an inside joke cause I'm hilarious), but yeah, she's awesome. 

Me with all of the girls, don't we look cute?!

I know I'm not doing these women any justice, I could go on and on about how much I care for and appreciate having them in my life but I simply can't get all of my thoughts together. There's just too much to say. With Christmas right around the corner, I find myself getting more and more giddy about giving everyone their gifts, I try really hard to make sure everyone gets what they want while also throwing in some surprises so the wait is killing me! I can't wait to see everyone's reaction!

I don't just Like them, I Love them <3

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Feel Pretty

I'm overflowing with silly girly happiness right now!
I wish there was an emoticon that could properly translate into excited giddiness, cause I'd so be using it right now.
Instead, try and picture that scene in Mary Poppins when that old guy floats to the ceiling from laughing so hard.
Yeah, that's kind of where I'm at. :)

Monday, October 8, 2012


So I went to Las Vegas for the first time in my life last week. My best friend moved out there and I finally got the chance to visit and see the strip. During one of our outings, my friend thought it would be a good idea to bring me to one of his favorite bars because the beer was extremely cheap and the hot bartenders dance on the bar singing various Rockabilly songs badly. Sounds fun right? Right.

I'm not a drinker though so I didn't see the point in stopping but I've also never been to a waterin' hole in which the ladies dance around on the bar so I thought I'd indulge my friend and check it out. Just one more experience to check off the ole "Life List".

Again, I'm NOT a drinker. In fact, the last alcoholic beverage I had was a few months ago and I didn't even finish it because it was something I hadn't had before and I wasn't really feelin' it. Now here I am at a biker bar, being handed a 24oz. car of beer after taking a shot of my favorite whiskey. Oh boy....

I won't give the full account of that night but when we first got there I did text one of my other best friends while intoxicated and I find the conversation so amusing I thought I'd at least share that with you. That and I'd like to have a permanent record of it for myself because it makes me giggle, especially my last text before I was completely annihilated for the night. Yes, girlfriend got messy, super, duper, Jersey Shore style messy. It was not pretty. I look back and laugh about it now and tell the story to anyone who will listen but again, not my finest hour for sure.

Here's the conversation. I won't reveal the name of the person I'm texting but at certain times my friend Dave, the one that took me to the bar, does take over and type a few things as well. Mind you, my friend and I are in different time zones and we're texting them in the middle of the night so the conversation ends abruptly because they fell asleep. I am also copying this EXACTLY as it was typed out. Enjoy.

Me: At a biker bar and im going to be forced to dance on the bar. But its cool the bartender is extremely EXTREMELY hottttt
203: Ummmm
Me: Dave will be taking pictures cause hes mean but he isnt gonna post them
203: Good
Me: Seriously you need to see her-sooooo hottttt. Andddd in drunk alreadyyy
Me: This is dave....she is drunk....and the bartender is hottest woman ive ever seen. Thank you and goodnight.
203: Hahaha
203: Goodnight
Me: :( whaaa whaaaaa
Me: whaaaaOmg im soooo drunk
203: Hahhaha
Me: Supid drinks
203: Stay off Facebook!!
Me: Dave again....thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
203: Lol
Me: Whatever that post was funny. C'mon, im in vegas... and its daves fault anyways cause he said i couldnt check in
Me: I had to say something
203: No not at all. Stay off Facebook! You'll regret that in the morning!
Me: Nopeee
Me: I just said that one thing-its cool.
Me: Dave said im buying the next round! The next round!? Im already drunk!
203: Yea but what you said is pretty risque
Me: Hahaha...dave again...shes a fucking mess. She wants me to tell you youre classy...so..uhh...stay classy bro. Class it up. I have no idea.... dude. move to vegas.
Me: Hes a retard fo sho
203: Hahahaha
Me:  :)
203: So classy
Me: Yes hou are baby
Me: I got you a presnet today :)
203: Awwws
Me: I got your uncle an ashtray lol
203: Haha
Me: I got your roommate gum that says. 'Im a dick' hehe
203: Hahha
Me: I spent 70 bucks at the gift shop like no lie. Like 30 on postcards! Im crqzy!
203: Aw
Me: Its cool the postcards are boss!
203: Cool
Me: :)
203: :)
Me: Dave again.... :)
Me: Daves annoyong
203: Haha
Me: Daves making her trip to vegas possible = awesome
203: Heh
Me: Daves a retardl he dong pay me. My job made my trip possible. I fucking love my job
203: Aw
Me: Dude. I'm ending this by no longer participating. Goodnight. Hahaha
Me: He sp lame...for reals
203: Haha
Me: My limbs dont work i swear to god
203: Awww
Me: Holu fuck drunkest oive ever ben ever, Im typing decent tohugh for reals
203: Kinda
203: Haha
Me: :) so great :) i hate dave for getti g me all drunk thoughs
203: Don't hate
Me: Omg youre so awesome even when im retard drunk are you honestly qjestioning why i love you so goddamn much? Fuck" youre amazing!;
Me: Holy fuck im the du0runkest ever roght now and they instpist on playing country. Like fuck you

Hope you find this as amusing as I do. If not, sorry for wasting your time. But hey the blog's called "I Like It" for a reason. Also, sorry for using "retard" so often, I've been working on that, but obviously not thinking about it when I was drunk as a skunk. Seriously though that last line just kills me! Ha!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get on Out There!

Okay so I LOVE Giraffes. I never thought I'd be one of "those" people. You know, the ones that have like fleece blankets with Wolves on them or tattoos of Tigers on their arms; crazy people. But I just cannot help myself. It's the Zoo's fault really. Their Giraffes keep having babies and now the Roger Williams Park Zoo has a 24-hour Giraffe Cam! What?! Granted I'll never get a Giraffe tramp stamp or carry around a Giraffe-print purse but I am shopping around for the perfect Giraffe bracelet charm and my best friend and his wifey did give me a gorgeous Giraffe sculpture for Christmas, so you can call me a little obsessed.

Well friends, no one told me about Six Flags Safari!!! Holy crap! Check this place out:

Okay, we did not go on the off-road adventure. That crap costs extra and girlfriend ain't about to pay to be squished up next to strangers in some rickety van climbing over man-made hills and whatnot. We did drive through on the regular paved trail though and that was enough! Check this out!

Hi, I'm a Giraffe just, you know, hanging out in the road as people drive by...No big deal...

Is that not the awesomest sight you've ever seen!?!?! Imagine rolling up on this big guy! I know you've all driven by deer and geese in the road but hello?!? Giraffe!!!

You have no idea how hard it was for me to allow our to continue through the park-I would have stayed right next to him (okay I didn't check but it actually might have been a her) all damn day! Just look! Look!

Are you getting the awesome?


Well here we go, let's see if this shot I took for the soul purpose of showing how close he was, gets you excited:

How can you drive away?!

If Giraffes aren't your thing just wait, they have TONS to see! Elephants anyone?

Or possibly Exotic birds?

Yes, those guys are right outside my door. They actually pecked at my side door mirror. So cool! If you get the chance, go and visit Six Flags Safari in New Jersey. Yes, you have to go to Jersey for the awesomeness (I'm so sorry) but it'll be worth it in the end. It's a little pricey but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. While you can't drive through with your windows down, you are allowed to take your time when driving through the park; we went around in two hours time from start to finish and I came away with over a hundred pictures! Afterward we went into the Amusement park itself and spent the rest of the day riding rides and eating terribly expensive and fattening foods-such fun!

I wish I could post all of the pictures but most of you are friends with me on Facebook and can see them all there so go do that. Also, for funsies, go on YouTube and type in Six Flags Safari to see the videos other people have taken while driving through the park. It's a great time waster and will definitely make you want to get there as soon as you can!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

For Your Consideration

Okay so I'm not going to turn this blog into one giant movie review, just want to get that out first thing. I did promise to post the two reviews I had written for work though so here they are. I'm posting both just as they were written, two months apart. There might be some repetition so again, please consider the time frame.

I hope you like.

First article (first stab at writing for the newsletter), June:

So far the summer has provided us with a lot of blockbusters full of action and excellent storylines. Folks heading out to the box office this year will certainly not be disappointed. Between action-packed literary adaptations like The Avengers and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the fun-filled family pictures like Men in Black 3 and Brave; movie goers will find there's something for everyone this summer. 

We've already had a few typical summer films; full of stars and really big action, not a lot of actual content, i.e. Battleship featuring the new "it" star Taylor Kitsch (in three summer blockbusters so far). And the rest of the summer seems to be promising a lot of the same with the sequel to the G.I. Joe franchise and the Expendables 2 (this time with Chuck Norris!) expected to overwhelm fans with giant guns and huge explosions to mask the not-so-great acting and script writing. But honestly, who cares if Sly Stallone can act? The man has put every well known action star into one film and has them all doing what they do best-kicking butt and blowing things up-there's really no need for good writing too!

So far the comedy category had been slightly hit or miss with movies like Ted featuring Mark Wahlberg and 21 Jump Street keeping fans rolling in their seats; while Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator and Adam Sandler's That's My Boy had then wondering why anyone would think half of those "jokes" were funny. But the upcoming summer flicks look promising. 

The big movie that will no doubt over shadow all the rest this year is the final film in in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. AMC theaters was actually hosting a viewing party before the midnight showing. For $25 fans will be able to watch all three films back to back on the big screen opening night, July 19th. For IMAX tickets it only cost $40 and for all three films, that really isn't too shabby. 

The fourth installment of the family movie franchise Ice Age: Continental Drift will be out soon as well. All of the original cast is returning to voice your kids' favorite characters and this latest edition will also be featuring the voice-over work of Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Nicki Minaj.  I know a few 10 year olds who just can't wait to see it! If your kid was disappointed with The Lorax (and who wasn't?), Ice Age should more then make up for it. Don't forget about Paranorman and Frankenweenie coming out soon too!

This week I'll be checking out Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. If you have any questions about any of the films on this list or are interested in seeing something coming out soon but want me to check the movie out for you first (I wouldn't blame you, ticket prices are insane!), send me a message. Happy Watching!

Okay so that was the first one. Now fast forward to three weeks later, here's the second article I wrote after seeing another 10 movies. I'm going to provide the full list from both reviews at the end of this whole thing. Here's article #2:

Overshadowed by tragedy, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was arguably the most anticipated movie of the summer and it certainly did not disappoint. The final installment in the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises included elements from the first two films and gave the film franchise the send-off it deserved. While it wasn't the best of all three films, The Dark Knight Rises certainly capped off a legacy that left most fans satisfied. Personally, as a well-known crier, I can tell you if you are a die hard fan of the films, you will not be able to walk away without shedding a tear or two. Make fun all you want, but after wiping my own tears, I looked around the theater during the end credits and observed grown men teary-eyed and sniffling. Of all the movies I'vs seen in my lifetime, The Dark Knight Rises had one of the best endings I've ever seen. Now I don't want to over-hype this for those who haven't seen it; it did have some elements that made you scratch your head and wonder why things played out in the manner they had. And I will say there was one part of the film I definitely did not agree with at all (message me about that, I don't want to give anything away). But personal opinions aside, if you like these kinds of movies, I suggest you get yourself to Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. I will tell you though, it's a good idea to watch the first two films before heading tot the theater, just to give yourself a little refresher as this film does go back to parts in each of the other two. I'm not saying you have to see the first two in order to see this film, but you will be confused in certain parts if you don't. 

As you might have gleamed from my last article, I have been extremely excited for The Expendables 2 to hit theaters. Well it's finally here and did not disappoint! This flick is the ULTIMATE action film. If you like gratuitous violence, cheesey one-liners and a tone of action-run, don't walk to The Expendables 2. With EVERY major action star in attendance, this is a movie by guys for guys. Now don't get me wrong, women, myself included. like action movies too; but this movie is every guys dream! If you were a fan of anything these actors have done in the past, you'll love this movie!

Now the rest of the summer, while full of promise, will most likely be relatively slow to deliver some serious action; feeding us the big movies at a small trickle to finish off the season. But if you like action, I promise you it's worth the wait! Coming soon: G.I. Joe 2, End of Watch, Dredd, Looper and Gangster Squad.

The kids will have a lot to look forward to as well, starting with Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. The same great group of actors is back to voice the kids favorite characters and this most recent edition to the franchise has provided us with even more stars! So while your kids are giggling away at the silly jokes about Sloths who haven't showered in decades, you'll be kept entertained with the challenge of trying to place all of the additional voices.  The rest of the summer will also provide the kids with endless entertainment with films like Adam Sandler's Hotel Transylvania, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Paranorman and Frankenweenie

For comedy right now you can check out The Campaign with Will Farrell and coming soon, Kevin James in Here Comes the Boom. Recently I went and checked out Ben Stiller's latest film, The Watch.  This movie finally gives us Ben Stiller back at his best. This silly, locker-room style comedy is the one in which every high schooler will certainly enjoy. If you're a Vince Vaughn fan, you'll want to check this out too. While it certainly isn't on the level of Wedding Crashers, it did provide for a lot of laughs. I will give you fair warning though ladies, you probably won't find this as funny as the guys will so keep that in mind when deciding if you'll go check it out. 

Now I realize this article will come out long after these movies have left theaters so again, if you have an interest in a movie and would like me to see it first for you, just send me a message. Also, if you're a fan of John Goodman or Elisabeth Shue, get excited because because they are coming back in a big way! John is going to be in a number of upcoming films including Flight with Denzel Washington. Elizabeth had a small role in Hope Springs and will also be in the upcoming scary movie The House on the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence

So those were my first two reviews. I hope you liked them. At the end of each I also included a full list of the films I had seen up until those points and small reviews for each and as I simply wouldn't have the room to write in depth reviews for all of them. Here's the full list from both articles:

Battleship ***
Great action-not the best storyline. Visually spectacular!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter *****
I know the concept is crazy but the movie was amazing! Full of action and a fabulous storyline! I'm mad I didn't read the book first-check it out!

Magic Mike ***
Interesting because it mirrors true events that happened to actor Channing Tatum before he went to Hollywood but the overall delivery was a little strange. 

Ted ****1/2
Laugh out loud funny but very off the wall, the guys will love it!

Brave (saw it 2 times) ****1/2
Great family movie and finally a Princess flick where the little lady kicks butt!

Men in Black 3 *****
Best of all three films-really enjoyable!

The Dictator **
Do not waste your time. It had it's funny moments, but not enough of them to save the film. 

Savages ***
Full of star power but disappointing storyline overall-not nearly as action packed as the trailers would have you believe.

The Avengers (saw it 4 times) *****
Best comic book flick of all time! If I could give it 100 stars I would! Go see this movie!

Snow White and the Huntsman ***1/2
Visually stunning but a snoozefest in some parts. 

That's My Boy***
I feel like I would have liked this more when I was in High School, funny but not great. Guys would love it. 

21 Jump Street (saw it 3 times) ****
Not anything like the original TV show but absolute fun none the less! Surprising cameos and some side splitting comedy-this is one you and your kids (over 14 though, seriously) will really enjoy. 

The Artist****1/2
Wonderful visuals and storyline. 

The Hunger Games (saw it 3 times) ****1/2
Great adaptation of the book, if you or your kids read it, they won't be disappointed. If you or your kids haven't read it, you might be confused during some parts you'll still walk out happy. 

John Carter (saw it 2 times) ****
Great movie adapted from a novel but you don't need to read the book first. Another visual wonder, this movie was a real surprise, check it out. 

The Lorax **
Snoozefest or was a friend of mine put it, "What have you done with my childhood?!" The kids will probably like it but certainly won't ever consider it a favorite. 

The Amazing Spiderman ****
Truly amazing! Best Spiderman film of all! This version's Spiderman make Toby Maguire look like a wimp! Such a blast!

Moonrise Kingdom ****
If you like The Royal Tenanbaums and The Life Aquatic, Wes Anderson delivers yet again with this quirky film. Visually stunning and really a joy to watch. 

Prometheus ****
This is one I have not seen. Friends of mine enjoyed it and while it looks great, I was told it is slightly confusing for some. Don't go in there thinking Alien, you'll be disappointed and that much more confused. 

Madea: Witness Protection ***
Again, one I have not had the chance to see but two good friends of mine have seen everything from Tyler Perry and both agreed this was not his best. Funny, but not the best. 

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises ****1/2
Not the best of the three but certainly the most moving. Go see this film!

The Watch ***1/2
Really funny if you're 15, mildly funny if you're over 25. 

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift ****
Another one your kids will enjoy for sure!

Rock of Ages ***1/2
Quirky and lighthearted-this is exactly what fans look for in a musical. Tom Cruise, while insane, is still one heck of an actor!

Bourne Legacy ***
No Matt Damon, no real story or action. Great chase scene but overall disappointing when compared to the other films. 

Step Up Revolution 3D **1/2
Extremely cheesey. Dancing not nearly as good as the first two films. Nice visuals, great soundtrack. See it if your kid really, really asks you to go. 

Hope Springs ****
Very cute! I don't know what to say other then that; if you like Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, go see this movie. 

The Campaign ****
Will Farrell at his best! This movie is goofy and full of guest stars. If you like Will Farrell, you'll like this movie. 

Total Recall (saw it twice) ****1/2
While I was disappointed Schwarzenegger couldn't be bothered to make a cameo, I still loved the film. If you like action and futuristic awesomeness, you'll want to go see this movie! (Take me with you! I'd love to see it again!)

The Expendables 2 ****1/2
While it certainly isn't a masterpiece, this movie delivers non-stop action, charming character interaction and a ton of loud, unnecessary shoot-outs, knife fights and chase scenes. You'll absolutely love it!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Snoozefest 2012

I know, I've been dragging my feet. One of these days I'll have a computer of my own and then I'll have no reason to stay away this long!

I have been keeping busy though so get excited for what's to come. I've got a 3 foot stack of books I took down since February and have now decided to give in and get myself a digital reader, now I've got to figure out which one I want!

I've been going to the movies at every opportunity, so much that now I'm the official movie reviewer for the annual newsletter at work! Unbeknownst to me, the news letter only comes out once every four months! Not cool when I'm seeing an average of four movies per week....

So I figured I'd post a nice big movie review here every few weeks to get it out of my system as I'm going to have to limit my reviews for the newsletter at the "office". So get excited, the next post will contain the two articles I've already written plus an update on the films that are currently out this week. Earlier today I saw Sparkle and Premium Rush and I plan to see Hit and Run and Lawless next week. Oh! AND Indiana Jones is going to be back in theaters for one week only! Get yourself to an AMC between September 7th and 13th! I'll see you there!

For now, please enjoy these two trailers, one is for the original Judge Dredd film staring our pal Sylvester Stallone and the other is for the upcoming remake of said film. If you haven't seen Judge Dredd (or Demolition Man for that matter), please do yourself a favor and find this movie! It's terrible, yet so very terrible, it's wonderful! Trust me, it's a guilty pleasure you'll tell your friends about. Enjoy!

Dear Santa, 
I've been very good this year. Please include a copy of the original Judge Dredd (and Demolition Man) in my stocking. 
XOXO, Milk and Cookies, 
Lizz :)

Nothing like to original you say? Fools! Who cares?! It's going to be badass! And have you checked out that soundtrack?! Oh man! Cannot wait!!

Also, go find the Demolition Man trailer. It's even WORSE then the original Dredd but oh so wonderful!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hold on to your butts....

Over a month without posting, my bad! Here's what I've been up to in between working my booty off:

I got this gorgeous little guy:
I love him so! It even makes R2-D2 noises when you turn it on and off! I'm in love!!

Now I can blog and watch Hulu all at the same time! Speaking of which, I've been Huluing it up like crazy! If you don't have a Hulu account I highly recommend getting one. It's only 8 bucks a month and you can sign in on your IPad, your IPhone, your XBox, or your computer. Hulu even has a few shows (mostly British) created exclusively for the online channel and they are brilliant! 

I first started watching a show called Misfits and then after watching the entire series, checked out some other Hulu Exclusive programs. If you do have an account, look up Misfits but fair warning, it's extremely foul and you will experience nudity, both male and female. It's hilarious though so look past the dick and balls and enjoy the awesomeness. 

They also have a show called The Only Way is Essex, it's basically a British version on the Hills but better because it has more "characters" and a lot more humorous situations. If you just can't help yourself and need to watch other people's drama unfold, I totally suggest you check it out. 

My crazy work schedule has also allowed me to get a ton of reading done. I try to stockpile books because I go through about one every three days and once again I find myself looking for new titles. You may think reading one book every three days isn't a big deal, but when you consider I'm only reading said books while on my break at work, I think it's a pretty fast rate. 

Here's the stuff I've had my nose in most recently:

I make it a point to read books right before seeing the film so everything is fresh in my mind for comparison. I would have waited to read the other books until their respective films came out but I was out of books so I just went through the final two. I don't need to add to all of the other reviews out there. The books are good, Suzanne made serious bank this year, the end. 

If you would like to know what it would be like if I wrote a book, please read this. Mindy's book is 100% everything I would ever say if I were given the chance to write a fun story. Granted I did not grow up in an Indian household nor am I a successful writer living in Hollywood, but everything else is pretty much exactly as I would have said it. I could not stop laughing. 

Speaking of which, after Mindy's book I read Tina Fey's (actually because in her book, Mindy said she wished she could have written Tina's book so logically I had to pick it up):

I would like to say that Tina's book is full of everything I'd love to say but to be blunt, she's older and has had experiences very different from my own but it's still a wonderful book. Again, I feel like Mindy's is a little funnier but Tina covers just as many different and wonderful topics and actually curses! - Alot! 
What I thought was pretty cute was how both women positively gush about Amy Poehler which is just so damn cute, they love and admire and appreciate her with all sincerity. It's really sweet. 

This week I'm starting Betty White's (yes, Betty White's) book:

As most of you know, I'm obsessed with the Bronx Zoo so this book just seems like something I'd positively love to check out. It's all about Betty's relationship with various Zoos across the country and the animals she's connected with over the past forty years. She was actually a Zoo Commissioner for 8 years! I don't even know what that is! But my birthday is coming up and I'm taking an entire week off in which I will be traveling to the Bronx Zoo and the Staten Island Zoo, so what better time to read this book then right now?!  I'll let you know what I think once I'm done but I doubt I'll be disappointed, it comes complete with full color photos-how can it be bad?!

I've also been going to a ton of movies people, there is some good stuff out there! On my birthday week I also plan to see EVERY film currently out that tickles my fancy and it looks like that will be quite a number of flicks. This week I plan to see Lockout, Safe and Snow White and the Huntsman. I know there are a few other titles I was interested in seeing but I can't remember them right now. But coming out soon is the Avengers (yes!) and What to Expect When You're Expecting (a ton of big stars AND babies?! Yes please!)

Speaking of babies-let me give a little shout out to my friend Kristen, her third girl will arrive this month on my very first day of vacation so in addition to going to my favorite place on Earth AND catching all of the latest movies, I get to hold a fresh baby girl in my arms! Happy Birthday to me!!!! And Happy Birthday to baby Bonacci, I can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Glad You Came

Sorry again for the massive delay. Things have been a whirlwind lately and I've had a lot of things to work out. With my new job comes a lot of adjustment but I have a schedule set in place now and things are settling down luckily.

Thanks to the new schedule though, I've discovered even more lovely things to obsess over!

Now I'm a book reader but not a big book reader so I was dragging my feet getting to the Hunger Games. So, with the movie coming out next week (I have the tickets already for the midnight showing) I finally got my nose in the book and I'm so glad I did!

Now I could be normal and go right on to reading the next two books, but I kind of like reading books right before seeing the movies so I have the whole story fresh in my mind so I'm going to wait. The 14 year old I'm taking to the movie thinks I'm nuts for holding out but I honestly have a handful of books I've been meaning to get to for sometime now so I figure I'll get those done and read and then read the next book right before the next movie comes out. 

Elvis Duran said he saw the movie this week and couldn't say enough wonderful things about the film so I really cannot wait. 

Now the trailer won't mean as much to you if you haven't read the book but seriously, doesn't it look great? They're saying this is going to be bigger then Twilight because the kids that weren't allowed/not interested in reading the Twi-Saga, will be in attendance for this movie. It'll be awesome to see how they do at the box office in compassion with that and the HP movies. 

I've also gotten into Pintrest, the new "Bulletin Board" style site FB created to help people share images and ideas in a super-simple format. You have to have an FB account to access  it but I'm telling you, once you sign up, you are hooked!

I have about 11 "boards" created already covering various topics and it is so fun and so, so very easy! If you get the chance, check it out and see what you've been missing!

One of the boards I created on Pinterest focuses on the show Shark Tank and all of the interesting products they've features over the years. I started watching when I got up to date with all of my regular shows and I am completely hooked! 

I've already ordered one of the products they showed called "Citi Kitty". Now don't laugh folks, but I'm going to be training Cash to use the toilet! She's a smart gal so I have no doubt she'll be able to pick this up, I need to train myself though. I can't seem to remember to leave the seat up and that's going to be crucial to this whole process. We'll get there though, I have all the confidence in the world. 

I just can't help myself. It'll be great I'm telling you. Go check out the products from Shark Tank and if you wanna know what my picks are for coolest ideas, go check out my Pinterest. Hopefully you'll be able to resist scooping up everything though, I know I'm having a hard time keeping my wallet closed but hopefully one day I'll get to try everything out. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Who dat?

So bitch got herself a job! It's true, I have rejoined the workforce! Eat it Fox News and your unemployment statistics!

Sorry, I'm super amped. My new job is amazing and to be honest, I'm still only in the training phase! How many people can be this jazzed about their jobs BEFORE actually getting to work? Yeah, the place is that great!

Now I'm not going to come out and tell you who I work for but I will, ever so sneakily, show you what I'll be making at said company:

Did you figure it out? Yes, I make (insert up arrow) those. It may not sound very glamorous but it's awesomely awesome. I can't help but walk through the work area and think of the opening credits in the original Willy Wonka film. You know the one with the conveyor belt marching the chocolates and candies along. Its just like that, only with tissues and paper towels. I am so very, very in love!

Oh and SUPER fun tip I learned two days ago, take the boxes of above said product and flip them over when you remember to. Do you see the white stamped code on the edge of the box? Is there an "NM" at the beginning of the code? Yeah that means they came from my plant and in about a month, that will mean I made that box! Okay I don't make the whole thing from beginning to end but, in about a month I will have had something to do with its creation (taking a bow, thank you, thank you) so be on the lookout for that. Your noses are welcome <3

The company itself is unbelievable and I'm thrilled to be a new member of the "team"! My new life has started and so far, things are looking stellar! Along with the normal, great pay, great benefits awesomeness, the company also has a full gym on the premises! It's like Google's offices only without the flash and "new office" smell. Girlfriend ain't hatin' though, I've been working on my fitness ever since I got a key to the front door!

In addition to the new job, I've started watching some new shows, one of which, interestingly enough is "New Girl". And while I'm not one to make resolutions or strive for unattainable or far fetched goals for myself, I have given myself a fitness goal. I would like to become fit enough (yes fit, not thin) to wear lovely cotton dresses and ultimately take my rightful place as the "cutest girly under thirty". Because, let's be honest ya'll, your girl could totally out cute Zoey (yes I spell it without the extra "o" because that would make her zoo-y and that's just silly) Daschanel, I'm just a million sit ups shy of the title!

And not to be a hater because I do actually love her character on New Girl, but I've got better pipes then her too. AND I could rap if I really wanted to so beat that ZoOey! (no for realz though, love the show!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roller Coaster of Love

Sorry I've been lame and haven't posted anything. My world has been a blur for nearly two months. Here's a list of what I've been up to:

Steel Toe Shoes
Poop Scooper
Early to Bed
New Girl
Once Upon a Time
The River
A Day in the Life
The Only Way is Essex
Mulitgrain Bagels
Car Shopper
Cell Phone Shopper
Computer Shopper
Sleep Mask
Lia Sophia
Chocolate Truffle
Jamaican Patties
Buffalo Wild Wings
Tower Heist
Passion Bars

I know none of this makes any sense to you but that's everything I've been up to in a nutshell. One day I might actually have the time to sit down and explain all, or most of it but for now, please enjoy this video in honor of Miss Houston:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tis the Season...

...of the pigskin and the beer-filled football parties. The Superbowl will be here before you know it and, as usual, I have no idea what's going on.

I don't actively watch sports. Yes, I watch all of the major games, all of the Championships, but if you came to me today and asked who I thought would be going to the big show, I wouldn't begin to think of an answer. Luckily, Joe pays a little more attention then I do so when I need to know "stats" or "records" or even "which team is playing which this weekend", he's there for me.

We have also discovered I'm a HUGE jinx. I cannot watch a single game live, or my team will lose. I watch every game, even the "unimportant" ones, on a delay (thank goodness for DVR) so that way the outcome is completely fair and I can't be blamed if the team loses. Don't believe it's that bad? Consider this.... Back in 2008, the Patriots went to the Superbowl with an unblemished record. They annihilated everyone on their way to the "big dance" and the only team they had to defeat to get the trophy was the Giants.

I didn't watch a single game the entire season. Joe has a Superbowl party and we watched the entire game on a delay until the last quarter. I don't know why we started watching live but we did, and the Patriots lost. Now Joe's a nice guy and never outwardly blamed me, but I contend it was all about the jinx. That, and Joe's friend Jared, a HUGE Pats fan, wrote the team's record on his car windows AND played against them on one of his video games before the Superbowl. So there's a good chance he jinxed the team too (he believes he had a hand in it so I feel a little better about my affliction) So even though there are a number of teams I like, I try to avoid watching games and certainly not live.

Part of the reason this blog is titled "I Like It" is simply due to the fact that I "Like" just about everything. Also something Joe finds amusing.... See, I don't have a single "favorite" sports team. I like multiple teams and for multiple reasons, also why I like to watch games on a delay-no way of swaying the outcome if two of the teams I like are up against each other. But some people get annoyed at this, they don't understand how I can possibly like multiple teams. Here's the rundown, see if you find anything wrong with this list:

Steelers, Jets, Raiders, Packers, Ravens, Cowboys, Patriots

Yes, I like a NY team AND a MA team. Yes, I like the Steelers AND the Packers. What can I say, I'm a fan who has a hard time picking and choosing. I would have added the Bears but the only reason I like them is because of these classic SNL skits:

Now Football is the sport in which I like the most teams, the other sports are a little more concentrated. Here's Basketball:

Bulls, Celtics, Huskies

I'm ashamed I haven't included the Hartford Hawks, my college team, but I've only been to one of their games and I grew up with the Huskies dynasty. Being a hardcore fan of all things New York, it also pains me not to include the Knicks but they just don't cut the mustard, certainly not like the Celtics, that's for damn sure. 

Baseball on the other hand, is the big point of contention, guess why:

Red Sox, Yankess, Diamondbacks

Yes, I am a proud fan of both the Yankees and the Red Sox. I know it's hard to believe as the two teams are infamous for hating one another, but I grew up in an entirely split household. My relatives live in New York but my mother went to college in Boston so she's always followed both teams. Then I went to college and one of my roommates was from NY, the other from MA. I was surrounded by the feud and got to know both teams equally. Years later, I'm dating a guy who loves the Red Sox but who's family has season tickets to the Yankee games. You figure it out. 

As for the Diamondbacks, what can I say, I'm a sucker for Cinderella stories. 

Now I haven't been paying attention to soccer for very long, but over the past 2 years I've gotten supremely addicted to the sport. My Uncle was an excellent soccer player so I grew up with an understanding of the game. I even joined a pee wee team when I was younger but was so terrible that I ended up on the worst team in the league (so bad, our teams goalie actually kicked the ball into my face during a game)-at least I got one of those "nice job participating" trophies at the end of the season. But then I met Joe, he discovered Fifa for the XBox, and we've been avid fans ever since. Here's my Soccer lineup, ahem, so far:

Barcelona, Timbers, ManU, Chelsea, Galaxy, Argentina

Barcelona is my favorite team and the only one in which I can name nearly all of the players. I think, after reading this blog for sometime, you know why I like the Timbers (insanely brilliant commercials). Manchester United to me, is one of those dynasties you just grow up hearing about, oh yeah and they have Rooney who does shit like this on the regular:

I mean, c'mon-what the hell?!

I love the US team but I didn't include them in the list as their players are constantly changing and as they represent my country, I'd say it's a given that I'm a fan. One of their players that I do absolutely LOVE however, is the awesomest Goalie of all time, Tim Howard (or as I like to call him-TIMMY!) When he's not playing for the US National team, he plays for FC Everton in England. Just look at this man:

Did you see that?!

Okay, yes, he wasn't trying to make the goal, but score he did and that clip will be in the top five of his career clips for the rest of his life! And did you notice how my man wasn't really celebrating? Joe watched an interview he did after the game and they asked him why he didn't seem to be excited about scoring the goal. Well, in classy-as-hell fashion, Timmy said he couldn't celebrate because it was just pure luck that the wind picked the ball up when it did and that, as a goalie, he understands what it's like to miss a save because of some dumb luck and he wasn't going to celebrate a fellow goalie's miss because of some fluke. Hello?! Is Timmy a classy guy or what?! Google some other Tim Howard clips and you'll see his actual goal keeping skills and understand why I'm a fan. 

I'm not even going to bother explaining why I'm a fan of the LA Galaxy. I'm simply going to add a picture of one of the members of their team, see if you understand why I root for them:


And while you're at it, Google Lionel Messi and you'll understand why I'm a fan of Argentina. He also plays for Barcelona, my #1 team, along with this dream boat:

"Hi, I'm David Villa (pronounced Da-Veed), and I'm a smokin' hot soccer player who's all about my fans, charitable causes, and promoting positive sportsmanship"

Villa also plays for Spain but my dear boy broke his leg this season and is going to be off the pitch for four months! Whaaaa! :( Get better soon my Spanish stud-muffin!

So that's the list, happy cheering folks! And remember, if your team loses this year, don't go blaming me-I'll be watching at home, on a delay!