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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm in Love with My Camera

I'll let the shots explain:

Thanks Joe :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get on Out There!

Okay so I LOVE Giraffes. I never thought I'd be one of "those" people. You know, the ones that have like fleece blankets with Wolves on them or tattoos of Tigers on their arms; crazy people. But I just cannot help myself. It's the Zoo's fault really. Their Giraffes keep having babies and now the Roger Williams Park Zoo has a 24-hour Giraffe Cam! What?! Granted I'll never get a Giraffe tramp stamp or carry around a Giraffe-print purse but I am shopping around for the perfect Giraffe bracelet charm and my best friend and his wifey did give me a gorgeous Giraffe sculpture for Christmas, so you can call me a little obsessed.

Well friends, no one told me about Six Flags Safari!!! Holy crap! Check this place out:

Okay, we did not go on the off-road adventure. That crap costs extra and girlfriend ain't about to pay to be squished up next to strangers in some rickety van climbing over man-made hills and whatnot. We did drive through on the regular paved trail though and that was enough! Check this out!

Hi, I'm a Giraffe just, you know, hanging out in the road as people drive by...No big deal...

Is that not the awesomest sight you've ever seen!?!?! Imagine rolling up on this big guy! I know you've all driven by deer and geese in the road but hello?!? Giraffe!!!

You have no idea how hard it was for me to allow our to continue through the park-I would have stayed right next to him (okay I didn't check but it actually might have been a her) all damn day! Just look! Look!

Are you getting the awesome?


Well here we go, let's see if this shot I took for the soul purpose of showing how close he was, gets you excited:

How can you drive away?!

If Giraffes aren't your thing just wait, they have TONS to see! Elephants anyone?

Or possibly Exotic birds?

Yes, those guys are right outside my door. They actually pecked at my side door mirror. So cool! If you get the chance, go and visit Six Flags Safari in New Jersey. Yes, you have to go to Jersey for the awesomeness (I'm so sorry) but it'll be worth it in the end. It's a little pricey but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. While you can't drive through with your windows down, you are allowed to take your time when driving through the park; we went around in two hours time from start to finish and I came away with over a hundred pictures! Afterward we went into the Amusement park itself and spent the rest of the day riding rides and eating terribly expensive and fattening foods-such fun!

I wish I could post all of the pictures but most of you are friends with me on Facebook and can see them all there so go do that. Also, for funsies, go on YouTube and type in Six Flags Safari to see the videos other people have taken while driving through the park. It's a great time waster and will definitely make you want to get there as soon as you can!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

For Your Consideration

Okay so I'm not going to turn this blog into one giant movie review, just want to get that out first thing. I did promise to post the two reviews I had written for work though so here they are. I'm posting both just as they were written, two months apart. There might be some repetition so again, please consider the time frame.

I hope you like.

First article (first stab at writing for the newsletter), June:

So far the summer has provided us with a lot of blockbusters full of action and excellent storylines. Folks heading out to the box office this year will certainly not be disappointed. Between action-packed literary adaptations like The Avengers and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the fun-filled family pictures like Men in Black 3 and Brave; movie goers will find there's something for everyone this summer. 

We've already had a few typical summer films; full of stars and really big action, not a lot of actual content, i.e. Battleship featuring the new "it" star Taylor Kitsch (in three summer blockbusters so far). And the rest of the summer seems to be promising a lot of the same with the sequel to the G.I. Joe franchise and the Expendables 2 (this time with Chuck Norris!) expected to overwhelm fans with giant guns and huge explosions to mask the not-so-great acting and script writing. But honestly, who cares if Sly Stallone can act? The man has put every well known action star into one film and has them all doing what they do best-kicking butt and blowing things up-there's really no need for good writing too!

So far the comedy category had been slightly hit or miss with movies like Ted featuring Mark Wahlberg and 21 Jump Street keeping fans rolling in their seats; while Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator and Adam Sandler's That's My Boy had then wondering why anyone would think half of those "jokes" were funny. But the upcoming summer flicks look promising. 

The big movie that will no doubt over shadow all the rest this year is the final film in in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. AMC theaters was actually hosting a viewing party before the midnight showing. For $25 fans will be able to watch all three films back to back on the big screen opening night, July 19th. For IMAX tickets it only cost $40 and for all three films, that really isn't too shabby. 

The fourth installment of the family movie franchise Ice Age: Continental Drift will be out soon as well. All of the original cast is returning to voice your kids' favorite characters and this latest edition will also be featuring the voice-over work of Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Nicki Minaj.  I know a few 10 year olds who just can't wait to see it! If your kid was disappointed with The Lorax (and who wasn't?), Ice Age should more then make up for it. Don't forget about Paranorman and Frankenweenie coming out soon too!

This week I'll be checking out Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. If you have any questions about any of the films on this list or are interested in seeing something coming out soon but want me to check the movie out for you first (I wouldn't blame you, ticket prices are insane!), send me a message. Happy Watching!

Okay so that was the first one. Now fast forward to three weeks later, here's the second article I wrote after seeing another 10 movies. I'm going to provide the full list from both reviews at the end of this whole thing. Here's article #2:

Overshadowed by tragedy, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was arguably the most anticipated movie of the summer and it certainly did not disappoint. The final installment in the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises included elements from the first two films and gave the film franchise the send-off it deserved. While it wasn't the best of all three films, The Dark Knight Rises certainly capped off a legacy that left most fans satisfied. Personally, as a well-known crier, I can tell you if you are a die hard fan of the films, you will not be able to walk away without shedding a tear or two. Make fun all you want, but after wiping my own tears, I looked around the theater during the end credits and observed grown men teary-eyed and sniffling. Of all the movies I'vs seen in my lifetime, The Dark Knight Rises had one of the best endings I've ever seen. Now I don't want to over-hype this for those who haven't seen it; it did have some elements that made you scratch your head and wonder why things played out in the manner they had. And I will say there was one part of the film I definitely did not agree with at all (message me about that, I don't want to give anything away). But personal opinions aside, if you like these kinds of movies, I suggest you get yourself to Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. I will tell you though, it's a good idea to watch the first two films before heading tot the theater, just to give yourself a little refresher as this film does go back to parts in each of the other two. I'm not saying you have to see the first two in order to see this film, but you will be confused in certain parts if you don't. 

As you might have gleamed from my last article, I have been extremely excited for The Expendables 2 to hit theaters. Well it's finally here and did not disappoint! This flick is the ULTIMATE action film. If you like gratuitous violence, cheesey one-liners and a tone of action-run, don't walk to The Expendables 2. With EVERY major action star in attendance, this is a movie by guys for guys. Now don't get me wrong, women, myself included. like action movies too; but this movie is every guys dream! If you were a fan of anything these actors have done in the past, you'll love this movie!

Now the rest of the summer, while full of promise, will most likely be relatively slow to deliver some serious action; feeding us the big movies at a small trickle to finish off the season. But if you like action, I promise you it's worth the wait! Coming soon: G.I. Joe 2, End of Watch, Dredd, Looper and Gangster Squad.

The kids will have a lot to look forward to as well, starting with Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. The same great group of actors is back to voice the kids favorite characters and this most recent edition to the franchise has provided us with even more stars! So while your kids are giggling away at the silly jokes about Sloths who haven't showered in decades, you'll be kept entertained with the challenge of trying to place all of the additional voices.  The rest of the summer will also provide the kids with endless entertainment with films like Adam Sandler's Hotel Transylvania, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Paranorman and Frankenweenie

For comedy right now you can check out The Campaign with Will Farrell and coming soon, Kevin James in Here Comes the Boom. Recently I went and checked out Ben Stiller's latest film, The Watch.  This movie finally gives us Ben Stiller back at his best. This silly, locker-room style comedy is the one in which every high schooler will certainly enjoy. If you're a Vince Vaughn fan, you'll want to check this out too. While it certainly isn't on the level of Wedding Crashers, it did provide for a lot of laughs. I will give you fair warning though ladies, you probably won't find this as funny as the guys will so keep that in mind when deciding if you'll go check it out. 

Now I realize this article will come out long after these movies have left theaters so again, if you have an interest in a movie and would like me to see it first for you, just send me a message. Also, if you're a fan of John Goodman or Elisabeth Shue, get excited because because they are coming back in a big way! John is going to be in a number of upcoming films including Flight with Denzel Washington. Elizabeth had a small role in Hope Springs and will also be in the upcoming scary movie The House on the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence

So those were my first two reviews. I hope you liked them. At the end of each I also included a full list of the films I had seen up until those points and small reviews for each and as I simply wouldn't have the room to write in depth reviews for all of them. Here's the full list from both articles:

Battleship ***
Great action-not the best storyline. Visually spectacular!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter *****
I know the concept is crazy but the movie was amazing! Full of action and a fabulous storyline! I'm mad I didn't read the book first-check it out!

Magic Mike ***
Interesting because it mirrors true events that happened to actor Channing Tatum before he went to Hollywood but the overall delivery was a little strange. 

Ted ****1/2
Laugh out loud funny but very off the wall, the guys will love it!

Brave (saw it 2 times) ****1/2
Great family movie and finally a Princess flick where the little lady kicks butt!

Men in Black 3 *****
Best of all three films-really enjoyable!

The Dictator **
Do not waste your time. It had it's funny moments, but not enough of them to save the film. 

Savages ***
Full of star power but disappointing storyline overall-not nearly as action packed as the trailers would have you believe.

The Avengers (saw it 4 times) *****
Best comic book flick of all time! If I could give it 100 stars I would! Go see this movie!

Snow White and the Huntsman ***1/2
Visually stunning but a snoozefest in some parts. 

That's My Boy***
I feel like I would have liked this more when I was in High School, funny but not great. Guys would love it. 

21 Jump Street (saw it 3 times) ****
Not anything like the original TV show but absolute fun none the less! Surprising cameos and some side splitting comedy-this is one you and your kids (over 14 though, seriously) will really enjoy. 

The Artist****1/2
Wonderful visuals and storyline. 

The Hunger Games (saw it 3 times) ****1/2
Great adaptation of the book, if you or your kids read it, they won't be disappointed. If you or your kids haven't read it, you might be confused during some parts you'll still walk out happy. 

John Carter (saw it 2 times) ****
Great movie adapted from a novel but you don't need to read the book first. Another visual wonder, this movie was a real surprise, check it out. 

The Lorax **
Snoozefest or was a friend of mine put it, "What have you done with my childhood?!" The kids will probably like it but certainly won't ever consider it a favorite. 

The Amazing Spiderman ****
Truly amazing! Best Spiderman film of all! This version's Spiderman make Toby Maguire look like a wimp! Such a blast!

Moonrise Kingdom ****
If you like The Royal Tenanbaums and The Life Aquatic, Wes Anderson delivers yet again with this quirky film. Visually stunning and really a joy to watch. 

Prometheus ****
This is one I have not seen. Friends of mine enjoyed it and while it looks great, I was told it is slightly confusing for some. Don't go in there thinking Alien, you'll be disappointed and that much more confused. 

Madea: Witness Protection ***
Again, one I have not had the chance to see but two good friends of mine have seen everything from Tyler Perry and both agreed this was not his best. Funny, but not the best. 

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises ****1/2
Not the best of the three but certainly the most moving. Go see this film!

The Watch ***1/2
Really funny if you're 15, mildly funny if you're over 25. 

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift ****
Another one your kids will enjoy for sure!

Rock of Ages ***1/2
Quirky and lighthearted-this is exactly what fans look for in a musical. Tom Cruise, while insane, is still one heck of an actor!

Bourne Legacy ***
No Matt Damon, no real story or action. Great chase scene but overall disappointing when compared to the other films. 

Step Up Revolution 3D **1/2
Extremely cheesey. Dancing not nearly as good as the first two films. Nice visuals, great soundtrack. See it if your kid really, really asks you to go. 

Hope Springs ****
Very cute! I don't know what to say other then that; if you like Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, go see this movie. 

The Campaign ****
Will Farrell at his best! This movie is goofy and full of guest stars. If you like Will Farrell, you'll like this movie. 

Total Recall (saw it twice) ****1/2
While I was disappointed Schwarzenegger couldn't be bothered to make a cameo, I still loved the film. If you like action and futuristic awesomeness, you'll want to go see this movie! (Take me with you! I'd love to see it again!)

The Expendables 2 ****1/2
While it certainly isn't a masterpiece, this movie delivers non-stop action, charming character interaction and a ton of loud, unnecessary shoot-outs, knife fights and chase scenes. You'll absolutely love it!