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I Like It. You Don't? Get Your Own Blog.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsessed? Not anymore....

So I've been driving Joe crazy for the past month playing the same five songs over and over again. I purposely listen to the radio each morning because I know at one point during my commute, the DJs will play each one of them. Joe put them all on my Zune so I could listen to them whenever the mood strikes and still-still! I must listen to them over and over!

Well, I was in a good mood last night so I decided to YouTube each video for the songs I've been bopping to and see what's new in music video land since MTV and VH1 have all but abandoned the concept from which they were created, and never actually play videos anymore. (Mind you, this is coming from the chick that DVRs EVERY reality show said channels have on)

Well let me just say, as much as I love the songs, I do not like the videos. Strike that. I like the videos. I don't like the fact that everyone seems to be selling out to a sponsor these days. Personally, I think this all started when the Pussy Cat Dolls released this video featuring an MP3 player (no one bought) that boasted a giant slide-out speaker thingy... Take a look:

Now I can't say this was the first music video that ever did something like this, but it was certainly the first one I can recall be so blatantly obvious about it. I even remember being disgusted by it a hand full of years ago when it first debuted. But these days you can't bop along to any video on tv without having some kind of ad forced upon you. And none of it makes any damned sense! At least with the Pussy Cat Dolls, the MP3 player (again no one bought) they were hawking had a speaker they could listen to their songs from, that I kind of get. But does someone want to explain to me why an alien landing on Earth at the end of time/birth of the future is putting on sunglasses? No really, someone please tell me.

I'm surprised Kanye's gold teeth didn't have Adidas stamped across them too! (No offense Yeezy-you do you boo) But do you people see what I'm talking about? Not only was is unnecessary-they poorly photo-shopped the Vogue brand name on the damned glasses just to ad insult to injury. Like...wait-was that Katy Perry's new hit or, Vogue's new ad featuring Katy Perry's new hit? Cause ya'll just lost me.....

And let's talk about JLo for a minute. Girl is her own brand name-what does she need sponsorship in a video for? Now, if you haven't heard this song let me just say-yes, I know its repetitive and almost as poorly written as some of Britney's latest tracks, but dammit I cannot help myself. Especially the intro when my girl's all 
"Let me introduce you (thump thump thump) to my party people (thump thump thump) in da cluuubb..." 
Gets me everytime!

But really-what does Swarovski have to do with anything?! Especially considering you never see the damned earrings again until the video's half over. And Crown Royal? Really JLo? Really?? Cause I'm going to believe you'd be strewn across a chaise lounge dressed like an empress and sipping on some CR. Umm, righttttt....

(on a side note-real impressed with myself for spelling Swarovski right-thank you, thank you)

And Pitbull (yes he's in two of these videos) I am falling in love with you, I am. You are one hella-fine bald man and your voice is pretty smooth but seriously-why are you doing this to your videos? And I'm not even going to talk about the Hot Topic throw backs T Pain is wearing-give me a break....

Now while I was typing about this video it occurred to me I couldn't remember where the product placement was in this one. So I watched again. I'm happy to say (if you didn't take the time to check it out) there isn't any! Good for you Pitbull! Granted, being in JLo's video that featured two of them still more then makes up for not having something in this one. Just sayin'...

Now for Mr. Iglesias (I still cannot spell his name right for the life of me)... First off-I've been a stanch hater of Enriques for quite some time now. I never liked his songs, never liked his videos and certainly didn't get why his creepy mole got so much damned attention (RIP Enrique's mole-so glad you didn't give the man cancer) But lately his songs have been getting to me. They haven't won me over by any means, but I'm glad the radio station I listen to plays his stuff and not that horrible "I got anger issues" Chris Brown's stuff. No thank you.

The one thing Enrique consistently does that irks me however, is get his "sexy"-and I use that term loosely but  still get the shivers when saying that in reference to him-on. No one wants to see you get all hot and sweaty with some waif of a girl. Especially multiples of them. Just gross. And I think it always backfires with him anyway. If you watch, all he's really doing is trying to have a sexy-off (blarg) with these actresses ladies. He's just arrogant. I mean his song is about getting with a hot chick "Tonight" as in one night stand, "hey what's your name? oh nevermind, don't care, you'll be gone in the morning" Just ewwy. I'm sorry E.I., no, just no. Nothing remotely sexy about it. But anyways, product placement. Yet another video hawking booze. This I do not like. Your fans and your targeted demographic have enough shit going on in their lives, they don't need their idols and current "it" stars promoting drinking. Ludacris...you know better. 

And you know what, if you're going to bother with throwing in some sponsorship, at least be sure your viewers can make out the label. There's nothing I hate more then having something thrown in my face and still not being able to Google what the hell it is later on when I feel like ranting to Joe about it. Help me out here.

This last song really drives Joe insane. It bothers me that I like it too. But Ke$ha did it damn her. She "won" me over. Well, not really. I still don't approve of the fact that she makes millions singing like she's drunk and then spends said millions on clothes that look like they haven't been washed in years. What is the world coming to. But, like Pitbull, her super catchy song comes complete with a sidekick and NO product placement. 

I was going to give her the win because her video had James Van Der Beek (where've you been homie?!) acting hilarious, unicorns and shoes with guns on them. But the unicorns look like crap and she ends up killing some of them anyways and that's just no okay with me. Again, if ya'll know me, you know Unicorns are my favorite mythical creature. I straight up weeped when Voldemort killed one in Harry Potter. Not okay Ke$ha. 

Pitbull wins!! (sorta)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

By Royal Decree...

Are we not peeing ourselves for the Royal wedding this Friday?!? I'm so excited! I made Joe set up our DVR to record the entire day across about 10 different channels-I will not be missing anything!
The DVR will start recording around 3am (yes some channels will have all of the events playing live) and running until about 10pm. That's well over 12 hours of non-stop recording people-I think I'm covered!
Just to be extra safe, I will not be signing into Facebook or MSN.com or listening to the radio all day so no one spoils the awesomeness for me. Hooray for pomp, circumstance, and God Save the Queen!!

In other news.... Joe's awesome cousin Hannah just got back from a school trip in which she spent an entire week touring Spain! Lucky girl! I had friends in high school that went on a similar class trip and for some reason it wasn't as big of a deal to me back then. One gal did get a pair of really nice leather boots on her trip, but for some reason I wasn't as envious at the time.
Regardless-she went and from what Joe tells me, had a blasty blast! She even brought back some lovely gifts for everyone in the family (including me!)

Now as you all might recall, Joe is only slightly obsessed with Barcelona's soccer team and when he heard Barcelona was one of the areas Hannah would get to explore he cried for days turned positively green with envy and demanded begged her to bring him a jersey. While she was away, the team actually announced they would be changing their jerseys for next season because they had switched sponsors. Here's the new look that made Joe want to kill himself:


Are they not completely hideous?! Just blah! (Okay honestly I don't think they're that bad-I just really hate the font used for the sponsors name...and I hate the fact that they ditched Unicef but let's move on...) So at this point Joe made it his mission to get the current jersey before they would be up on EBay for a million bucks/gone forever.
Well, luckily for Joe-his cousin loves him a whole lot. Here's the gem she brought home for him:

She didn't get him the matching shorts or anything, but Joe was just blown away and was wearing it when I got home from visiting my family Easter Sunday-all proud as can be. Very cool. 

She also picked up a pair of beautiful glass earrings for me created by glass studio Luesma Vega. Check out their site here. It's pretty sweet. I couldn't find any pictures of their commercial work but the earrings I received are tiny bright orange glass squares with a simplistic line pattern etched in them. Very cute and thoughtful indeed! I just love the fact that I can tell people that ask me about them that they are from Barcelona. I just LOVE them! After going through the studios website, I found out that 90% of all the glass used in their pieces is recycled. So are all of the shipping and packaging materials - pretty damned awesome! Go Spain!

I still don't speak the language or really have a desire to travel there myself anytime soon-but who doesn't love getting presents from a foreign country? FUN! Thanks Hannah!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Cute!

Okay so I came across some super cute stuff today and I must share the wonderfulness! Enjoy! (Hint: If you don't have time to look through everything-go to the bottom on this post for the cutest thing of all!)

First off VW finally released pictures of the new Beetle and holy crap cute on a stick! 
Take a gander:


It's still too damned small for my needs but I'll be one jealous driver everytime I pass one of these on the road! 
Here's some more shots
And the commercial leading up to the unveiling?! Uh genius AND cute!

And I know some folks are hatin' on my government boyfriend, B'Rock O'Awesome, but take a second and just look at this adorabley nerdy picture of our fantastic president:

How cute is he? 
This is so something I would do if my significant other had a cardboard cut-out of themselves.

Okay, now I thought this video was super amazingly amazing... then it turned out to be an ad and I was a little bummed. I think you'll agree after watching, you're totally behind the awesomeness and then the ad part comes into play and your left with one of those, "really....really?" kind of tastes in your mouth. Just ruins it.
 Watch it though-no matter how you cut it, it's pretty great.

See what I'm talking about? Meh...

Now this isn't cute necessarily but I would totally get this if I had an IPad-it's just for funsies.
What do you think?
I think it would be fun to have the clicking noises of the old school typewriter resonating through the house while I'm emailing someone from my IPad. 

Okay. Here it is ladies and gentleman. The cutest thing on the face of the planet (at least this week)

Did you like the little unexpected awesomeness at the end of that video? Cutest EVER right?! Hope that made your day-I'm gonna go watch it again!
I like it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl Talk!

So Joe's aunt turned me on to these amazing little strips! These are absolutely perfect for the gal that does not have the time or patience to whip out the polish and sit around waiting for the paint to dry -literally.
There is an insane amount of patterns and colors to choose from so jump out and get them!

I got the exact pattern shown in the above picture but I must tell you-my nails looked 500 times better then the ones in the picture-I mean damn! I'll be honest, with the sparkles I did throw on a quick clear coat just to prevent flaking but for the straight colors and printed patterns you should be fine leaving the strips as is.

Here's the whole spread of styles out right now: (Joe's aunt got the pink camo set on the far left)

Seriously-go pick some up! You get enough in a pack for two full sets if you put them on right. These suckers last and when I tell you you can do anything right away-you honestly can! Not to over share-but I was in the middle of putting my set on and Cash threw up. How many nail polishes can you apply and then have the ability to clean up cat mess all within the same breath without ruining your nail job? Only these puppies as far as I'm concerned!

Granted two weeks later I went out and got my nails did for realz in a legit fancy salon acting all like "oh girlfriend did you see what that trick was wearing- mm hmm...." Oh it was nice. But I'm saying, if you don't have the extra scratch or have the time to wait for some paint to get to dryin-these are the best!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy First Contact Day!!

Joe and I will be spending the evening watching Star Trek 8: First Contact in celebration of the future's historic day!

Go Netflix it if you've never seen it! Happy First Contact Day friends!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Geek-out Moment of the Year!!

Alright, for those of you that know me, you're quite aware of my love for a one, Melissa Beck. I met became a fan of her when she was on the Real World New Orleans actin' stank and yelling at David for makin' a damn fool of himself. I LOVE this woman!

When I was in college a friend of mine informed me she had created a blog (before EVERYONE started writing these things-example: me) and I've been a devout follower ever since.

She is real and doesn't sugar coat anything about her life-which is incredible btw. She's now married to Glassjaw's bassist Justin Beck and has a beautiful little girl, Shalom.

Joe knows all about this woman because I make a point of sitting him down and reviewing some of the posts I find to be particularly incredible and just need to share.
Please find her blog on the list to the right ----->
Follow her and enjoy the way I have-she is quite the inspiration.

Well, I've written to her a few times and she's been nice enough to write back. Nothing crazy, we haven't met and we aren't pen pals by any means-but it's nice knowing that a busy mom/wife of a rockstar can still be down to earth enough to acknowledge people when they send her a hello.

As a follower of hers, I've come to learn she has a  HUGE obsession with Hello Kitty and the other day, I came across Duct Tape brand's announcement that they would be releasing a limited edition "Hello Kitty" print duct tape only available at Target.

Well I immediately thought of Mrs. Beck and I sent her a message right away. I didn't get a message back from her about this though, what I got was FAR superior....
Melissa Beck gave ME a shout out in HER blog! Check it out!


I am so honored!!!

Please do start reading the rest of her posts too-she really does live an amazing life and is surrounded by the most incredible group of family and friends one could only dream to have of their own.
MelissaBeck-I LOVE her!